How To Get Your Team To Step Up

An employee might be categorised as being “engaged” if they do their job well, have decent working relationships, and participate positively with the company culture. However, the question may remain with many directors: “How can I get them to step up and go above and beyond that level of basic engagement and get involved more in suggestions and improvement actions, or just be more passionate about what we are trying to do?”

Performance and influence in modern companies has less to do with organisational positions of authority and more to do with leaders’ ability to ‘energise’ people so they become that bit more engaged. It is called ‘Discretionary Effort’… The level of effort people could give if they really wanted to, above and beyond the perceived minimum required.

‘Energised’ people across your employment spectrum practicing discretionary effort become persistent innovators of future oriented...

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The Neuroscience of Motivation

One Lamp Post at a Time – By Derek Mair

The Neuroscience of How to Motivate Yourself to be Motivated

Motivation: a motive or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way or a desire or willingness to do something…. Motive-Action

It is one's motive to act or ‘behave’ in a certain way. However, what is the force or set of forces that acts behind those motives, and particularly what causes a person to want to repeat that behaviour?

An individual's motivation may be inspired by others or events, so called extrinsic motivation, such as desired rewards from trophies, money, social recognition, or praise… Or it may come from within the individual, so called intrinsic motivation, such as doing a complicated puzzle purely for the reward of personal gratification for solving a problem. Motivation has been considered as one of the most important reasons that inspires a person to move forward in life.

Motivation involves the bio-chemical, emotional, social,...

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What Is Leadership

What is Leadership – By Derek Mair


I am constantly asked to define what leadership is and there are certainly many text book answers to that question, though fundamentally in my experience it is simply about the ability to influence others to follow on the path that you are travelling; taking them from compliance to commitment… Great leadership works through the emotions to ignite our passion and inspire the best in us.


“Leadership Is To Drive Collective Emotions In A Positive Direction

Toward a Pre-determined Destination”

Derek Mair


I am also repeatedly asked to articulate the difference between leadership and management, to which you can also apply many situational answers. So let's draw a clear distinction; leadership is all about people, whereas management is all about processes.


One constant remains true; you cannot simply teach someone leadership; it is a process to be experienced and grown into, where potentials can be...

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Stop Managing Your Time and Start Managing Your Energy

Stop Managing Your Time and Start Managing Your Energy – Derek Mair

Quantum Physics has proven beyond doubt that nothing is solid, although it may appear so to us. All objects, organic or inorganic are in a constant state of flux, or motion, or vibrational energy.

Everything is in fact made of energy. Just like the light spectrum some vibrational energies you can only partially detect and perceive, some you cannot detect or perceive such as that of a table leg, and some you perceive through your minds filters as continual fluid motions such as a movie, which is collection of still pictures captured at a minimum of 24 frames per second.

Perception is awareness of your environment but it is shaped by beliefs. Belief precedes perception because they have already been programmed into your subconscious. Beliefs determine your biological and behavioural reality, in other words you don’t see the world as it is, you see the world as you are or more appropriately as you FEEL...

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