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Revealed! How to Upgrade Your Leadership Identity

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What do you need to Believe about yourself to achieve the success you seek?


When your internal image, thoughts, feelings and dialogue of the person you want to BE matches the person you are BEing most of the time in your external reality, you will be aligned with the creation process. 

Too many leaders are focused on what they need to DO and forget to focus equally through deep reflection, behavioural awareness and experimentation on who they need to BE.

You are a Human BEing not a Human DOing, and most significantly ‘YOU’ give your team emotional permission to behave based upon who you are BEing, not on what you are DOing.

I hear a lot about focus only on improving your mindset, however in the real world the key is to ‘align’ mindset, skillset and actionset so they are all in harmony. It is one of these three that is the blocking progress in a specific area of your leadership development, based on an associated Belief.

You can engage with someone to work on all your mini-limiting-beliefs that influence the construction of your self-concept and hold you back, though it will take many, many years. Or you can take a holistic approach by upgrading your Identity, or rather who you identify as; That authentic leader you truly want to BE, (if you only believed you could BE!).

A basic concept of human psychology is that ‘Behaviours Follow Identity’. By using our proven tools and systems to UPGRADE YOUR IDENTITY, your mind will start to ‘recall and associate’ from that better version of you, who you are BEing. You will move from a past present reality to a future present reality, while simultaneously upgrading limiting belief habits with success habits.

You will upgrade your identity as a leader to match your destiny!


From a Neuroscience perspective, how does this work?

...When you learn about self-leadership development you are forced to ask better questions of yourself, which will increase your self awareness. With every new learning you create a new Synapse and when you implement / practice what you have learned that Synapse will CONNECT to other Synapse and create a NEW Synaptic Cluster, or a habit of thought / behaviour / emotional connection. The more you fire and wire the same thought / behaviour, the cluster will grow into an empowering BELEIF, an auto program to which you refer to determine improved emotional response. The former disempowering  belief, the original go-to program, (old synaptic cluster)  is no longer fired therefore your amazing brain employs a process called Synaptic Clipping, designed to reclaim brain real estate, which diminishes the size of the old cluster so you refer to it less and less....


Strategy: Start to configure through your imagination the leader you truly want to be. Rationalise to make sure that person is true to your authentic-ideal self, and not a construct of what you think others want you to be, and then rehearse BEing that person in the real world, reflecting often on the difference it is making on yourself and on those whom you influence..

What other strategies have worked for you to upgrade your leadership identity?




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