How to Hire AAA Rated People


How to Hire AAA Rated People - Derek Mair

Businesses do not work; people work, therefore if you want your business to work well there is nothing more important than hiring and developing the right people in the right positions.

 For SME businesses that do not have a Human Resource department recruitment can be a daunting task… For those larger companies that do, they can sometimes tend to forget to fit the persons capabilities to the function(s) required by the business, and instead fit the job title to the person. 

Regardless of business size I consistently hear recruiters say, “we need to find the right candidates” What if it’s not about ‘finding’ the right candidates, what if it’s about 'attracting’ them?

Never therefore think of recruitment as a one sided process, e,g, “it’s our job to hire the right person”, Think of it as a collaborative process between you and the right candidates, think of it as ...

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Marketing Is Not As Spectator Sport

Marketing Is Not As Spectator Sport - Derek Mair

Too many SME business owners’ concept of marketing is like smiling at someone in a pitch-black room… You know you are doing it, the problem is no one else does.

Too many SME business owners complain about cashflow, without realising predictable cashflow comes from consistent marketing… A machine at the heart of your business.

Too many SME business owners think that marketing is an action you take… Marketing is absolutely every bit of contact anyone or any part of your business has with the public.

That it is something beyond normal business functions… In fact, the two most fundamental functions in your business, that you must normailse, is continual marketing and innovation.

Through marketing you create the opportunity to educate your target market on how to succeed at their goals using your solutions. It is a process that turns into a sale and never ends because customer service is simply...

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