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Business Academy Is One Of The Most Dynamic Business Growth & Leadership  Development Programs Available Today For Small To Medium Sized Business Owners with Blended Learning Support

"Unlike other courses I've been on the online systems help maintain momentum between workshops. They are step by step guides that help you implement what you have learned throughout the academy. "

Anthony Cecchini
MD Cecchini's Restaraunts

""By the time I graduated we were completely debt free, in great profit... Its a rollercoaster ride but well worth it""

David Rodgers
David Skilling - David Skilling Decorators

"An incredibly intense, fantastic program – relevant and many many tools to use in every day business. You’d be mad not to participate in these. "

Paula Murray
Founder & Director - Supertonic for Design

""I stopped asking myself why my team wouldn't' step up and started empowering them for the first time""

Robert Cowan
Stephen Allam - TR Bonnyman Son & Co

"When I first joined Business Academy I was an IT Engineer who ran an IT company but after completing the course I feel I am now a business owner who runs an IT Company instead. "

Chris Wakefield
Ops Director - ComTec IT

"Since attending the seminar through the Bank of Scotland and then engaging in the program I feel the process has provided my whole business, all the staff and I with a renewed focus, and determination to succeed and the projected results so far are very exciting."

Steven Miller
MD. Donald Ross Estate Agents

"Inspirational personal development programme, I learned that if you believe you can do it you can – you are only limited by yourself. "

Frances Barron
MD. The Dessert Depot

It is a Blended Learning Modular System providing you with Maximum Choice & Flexibility to Invest in Your Future, Your Way...

With Business Academy Primary Membership you can invest at your pace, on your budget,  into any one, or any combination or all nine of the online programs and support systems depending on your needs. They cover every aspect of business and leadership development.


Accelerate your future and Invest into Business Academy  Premium Membership taking advantage of the complete blended learning experience through monthly webinars that teach each area of development, supported by the online courses... During this 12 Month program you also receive coach support & group interaction with other members all dedicated to growing their respective businesses together.

Gain your biggest RETURN for Investment through Business Academy Platinum Membership and enjoy all the benefits above with the acceleration and support of 1-2-1 business coaching.

Plus... With all memberships you gain immediate access to our Global Interactive Community.

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Business Academy Online Programs & Systems

These are NOT just another set of online programs – They are Complete, Proven & Proprietary Systems that are only available to you here, with online Videos, Assessments, Workbooks, Strategies, Lifetime Value Learnings & Step By Step Implementation Guides, with strategies you get to keep and reference... FOREVER


How To Master Culture & Engage Team Contribution. Start with the end in mind, the foundation for success - Organisational Cultural Development (OCD) System

Course Modules

Self Leadership

How To Master Self Leadership. Leading yourself is key to leading others... Be the change you wish to see - Leadership DNA (Development Needs Analysis) System

Course Modules

Time Leverage

How to Master Your Relationship with Time, Personal Energy & Expectations. Stop spending it & start investing it to create better future choices. Time For Success - LifeTime Leverage System

Course Modules

Profit Margin

How to Master Your Numbers; Business Finance Made Simple - Business Health & Wealth System + Business KPI Dashboard System + FACTS System

Course Modules


How To Master The Art Of Marketing. The right Messages, Methods &  Manoeuvring to Generate Leads While You Sleep - Customer Attraction System

Available Soon


How To Master  Sales. Understand the Psychology of Buyers & Turn Prospects Into Customers - Customer Approval System

Available Soon

Customer Service

How to Master Customer Service. WOW Factor & Make Your Customers Your Best Sales People - Customer Retention System

Available Soon


How To Create High Performance Teams. From Recruitment to Results, Compliance to Commitment - Team Performance System

Course Modules

Wealth Creation

How To Master The Equity Cycle. Understand Investment & Achieve Financial Freedom - Personal Wealth Creation System

Available Soon

Behavioural Profiling

Recognise and understand yours & other people’s behaviours & build rapport instantly - NOVODISC Behavioural Reports

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How To Involve Your Team & Evoke Their Commitment to Contribute More - Gamification Strategies Are In All Online Courses

Full 12 Month Blended Learning Program

Become a Premium Business Academy Member and gain all the additional special benefits + 


Business Academy Membership Levels

Discover New Learnings, Advance Existing Passions, Explore Your Creativity... Get Inspired

Investment Options




One Month Global Community Interaction / Invested Program*

Individual Access To Online Programs - 9 Business Improvement Systems






One Year Unlimited Global Community Interaction*

Access To All 9 Business Improvement Online Programs & Systems)

Group Coaching Online Webinars (Blended Learning)

Goals & Personal Development Plan

One Standard NOVODISC Behavioural Report





One Year Unlimited Global Community Interaction*

Access To All 9 Business Improvement Online Programs & Systems)

Group Coaching Online Webinars (Blended Learning)

Goals & Personal Development Plan

One Standard NOVODISC Behavioural Report

One Enhanced NOVODISC Behavioural Report

1-2-1 Online Coaching (Blended Learning)

Quarterly Strategic Planning - Team Involvement (Optional Investment)

Systemisation Roadmap (Optional Investment)


*£20/ month to retain community membership and module access after your program ends.

Global Leadership 4.0 Community

A Global Community of Like Minded Leaders Dedicated to Personal & Professional Growth... Live Interactive Webinars, Podcasts, Live Feed, Social Interaction, Networking, Collaboration Zone, Member Spotlights, Exclusive Interviews, Private Members Page, Group Interaction with Global Leaders

We are a Global Coaching Partnership dedicated as a team of professionals to the advancement of Business & Leadership  education systems, and to redefine the limits of what you believe it is possible for you to achieve.

We commit through our programs to help you become a better leader and move your business or career forward.

Our purpose to create a learning platform where we can share common experiences and solutions in order to better ourselves, our businesses, our members, their businesses, their clients and the communities they serve.

Our Vision is to build a global community of leaders who use the vehicle of our learning portal and collaborate with network members to build sustainable futures for all, contribute to the development of society, and live exceptional life's.


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