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Learn How to Truly Run and Get 'Real World' Business Through A Business Re-education System You Get to Keep Forever!

+ 10 Years

Business Academy Longevity

+ 1000

Client Attendee / Members

+ 22%

Median Profit Increase 


of members expressed YES to the question; has attending business academy meaningfully helped you with business, leadership and personal development?


of that 80% approximately 25% said YES to the question; has attending Business Academy significantly changed your life through your business for the better?


of members answered YES to the question; do you believe the online and delivered material will provide substantial life time value that far out ways your investment to attend?

Surveys / Measurements are part of the Business Academy process. 
Measured indicators are provided by Affiliate Partners through contractual obligation.
Statistical sample size >200 Thrive Members


Membership Means Unlimited Growth

Be A Winner -

Transform Your Business; Transform Your Life

Business Ownership can be a challenging and sometimes lonely place. The missing gap is the support of a like minded community who learn together, collaborate and build relationships to help each other grow in many ways.


Experience The Online Learning & Implementation Platform In Your Way.

Core Membership is a Low Monthly Subscription Providing Access to In-Depth Online Programs with Videos, Workbooks, Assessments, Models, Strategies, Proprietary Systems & Step by Step Implementation Guides  Covering All 12 Areas of Business Growth.


Experience The Real Difference, The ‘Missing Gap’ That Drives Lasting Change, A Positive Reinforcing Support Network.

Members Portal / Your Private Library, Live Feed, Networking events, Live Q&A / Accountability Sessions + Other exclusive stuff: Blogs, Podcasts, Interviews, Video bite size.


It is a Blended Learning Modular System with Maximum Choice & Flexibility.

With Core Membership you can invest on your budget into three levels of 'optional' coach support. The online programs are self-guided, however if you want to achieve more faster, you can through ‘Accelerate’, ‘Thrive’ or  ‘Freedom’ support levels.

Member Success Stories

Start Living Life Through Your Business -

Learn How To Create The Business You Dreamed Of...

Self Led Business & Leadership  Growth Online Programs Supported By Coach Interaction Within The Community.

These are NOT just another set of online programs – They are Complete, Proven & Proprietary Systems that are only available to you here, with online Videos, Assessments, Workbooks, Lifetime Value Learnings & Step By Step Implementation Guides with strategies you get to keep and reference... FOREVER

Get Everyone Contributing

How To Master Culture and Energise Team Involvement. Start with the end in mind, the foundation for success - Organisational Cultural Development (OCD) System

Program 1 - Redefining Culture

Become A Phenomenal Leader

How To Master Self Leadership. Become a goal achieving machine, gain control, confidence & influence, develop a personal brand - Leadership DNA (Development Needs Analysis) System

Program 2 - Self Leadership

More Time, Energy & Balance

How to Master Your Relationship with Time, Personal Energy & Expectations. Stop spending it & start investing it to create better future choices. Time For SuccessLifeTime Leverage System

Program 3 - Time Leverage

Business Finance Made Simple

How to Master Cash Flow & Understand Your Numbers; Multiply Profits, Know Your Margins & The Balance Sheet - Business Health & Profit System + Business KPI Dashboard + FACTS System

Program 4 - Know Your Numbers

Skyrocket Your Profits

How To Master The Art Of Marketing & Work Above The Gross Profit Line to Make £££. From Digital to Mainstream; Generate Leads While You Sleep - Profit MultiplierCustomer Attraction Systems

Program 5 - Marketing

Get Them To Convert Themselves

How To Master Sales, Abolish Objections, Understand the Psychology of Buyers & Massively Increase Prospect Conversion to Customers - Customer Approval System

Program 6 - Sales

WOW! Customer Experience

How to Master External & Internal Customer Service,  Give the WOW Factor & Make Your Customers Your Best Sales People - Customer Retention System

Program 7 - Customer Service

High Performance Teams

How To Create The Team You Have Always Wanted. From. Recruitment to Results, Compliance to Commitment - Team Engagement & AAA Recruitment System

Program 8 - Leading Others

Achieve Financial Freedom

How To Master Personal Wealth Creation & Take Control of Your Financial Destiny. Increase Financial IQ, Investments &  Acquisitions  - Wealth Creation System

Program 9 - Personal Wealth Creation
Look Inside The Membership, The Programs & The Workshops

What's The Feedback?

Since 2012 Business Academy Has Provided All The Tools, Strategies & SUPPORT You Need To Take Your Business To The Next Level & Create A Future Full Of CHOICE For Yourself & Your Family...

Business size, type or longevity is not important, what is important is your commitment to FAST FORWARD YOUR FUTURE


We believe, once you're a member of the Business Academy family, you're always a member...

Paula Murray

"An Incredibly Intense, Fantastic Program - relevant and many tools to use in every day business. You'd be mad not to participate in these."

Supertonic For Design

Member Since 2020

Stephen Allam

"After running a multi-million pound turnover business for many years I stopped asking myself why my team wouldn't step up and started empowering them for the first time."

TR Bonnyman Son & Co

Member Since 2012

Steven Miller

"Since engaging in the Program through the Bank Of Scotland, the whole business, all the staff and I have a renewed focus and determination to succeed, the results are very exciting."

Donald Ross Est. Agents

Member Since  2013

Anthony Cecchini

"Unlike other courses I've been on the online systems help maintain momentum between workshops. They are step by step guides that help yo implement what you learn throughout the Academy."

Cecchini's Restaurants

Member Since 2018

John Thomson

"Having ran multi-million pound businesses I never thought I had much to learn about business. I was wrong. I just cannot believe the profitability increase & involvement of the entire team in growing the business."

WG Walker Ltd

Member Since 2015

David Skilling

"It's really difficult to explain it in words but by the time I graduated I was personally debt free for the first time, and the business was in great profit with more vans on the road... It's a rollercoaster ride but well worth it."

David Skilling Decorators

Member Since 2014

Every Great Journey Begins With Single Step, Once You Are On The Path We Will Guide You Along It, With A Little Help From Your Fellow Group Members...

I Am Ready To Invest In Myself Now

We Are An Open Book - Your Investment Options

Core Level

£59.99 / Month Subscription Membership


  • Your Personal Online Library
  • Active Support Community Interactive Live Feed
  • Access To all 9 Self-Led Online Programs Covering all 12 Growth Areas of Business 
  • Each one with a Business Improvement System
  • Self Directed Learning System
  • Over 20hrs of Video Learning
  • 5 eBooks that will Shift your Thinking and your Doing
  • Simple Assessments that will Uncover your Current Reality and Help you Benchmark Improvements
  • Step by Step Implementation Guides with over 800 Strategies
  • Gamifications To Involve Your Team

Accelerate Level

Membership + £137 / Month Over 12 Months


  • All Membership Benefits +
  • Online Coach & Group Support Interaction
  • Personal Development Planning
  • Members Directory with Live Online Networking Events
  • Exclusive Content including Vlogs, Podcasts, Interviews & Bite Size Videos
  • One Standard NOVODISC Behavioural Report

Invest In Your Membership Now & Upgrade When The Time Is Right...





Thrive Level

Membership + £337 / Month Over 12 Months


  • All Membership & Accelerate Level Benefits +
  • Workshop Led Program
  • All 9 Online Coach Led Workshops Covering All 12 Areas of Business Growth Directly Supported by the Online Programs 
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Support Sessions with Special Guests

  • Live Q&A / Accountability Webinars
  • Goals & Planning Online System

  • Two Standard NOVODISC Behavioural Report
  • Behavioural Report Coaching Session 
  • Non-Executive Directorship Options

Can Be Made Bespoke For Specific Markets 


Freedom Level

Membership + £ Bespoke / Month


  • All Membership, Accelerate & Thrive Level Benefits +
  • 1-2-1 Online Coaching Sessions
  • Quarterly Team Strategic Planning Workshops

  • Business Development Roadmap
  • Systemisation Roadmap

  • Cascading Goals Deployment System
  • Team Alignment Workshop
  • One Enhanced NOVODISC Behavioural Report
  • NOVODISC Motivation Report
  • NOVODISC Relationship Report
  • Non-Executive Directorship Options
  • Interim Executive Director Options



Above & Beyond - 


If You Are Ready To Sky Rocket Your Business - There Are Solutions For You

Accelerate Level - This is a Group Led Bolt-On Support Program with Community Networking Opportunities. Invest Into Business Academy Accelerate Program Including All 9 Online Courses & Systems, Supported by Blended Learning Community Live Feed  and Coach Interaction and Group Events.

Thrive Level - The culmination of this Workshop Led group coaching 12 month program that leverages your membership access to all 9 Online Programs in support of the workshops will enable you to maximise profits and master building a company for high growth including Culture Development, Self Leadership, Time Management, Business Finances, Marketing, (digital and mainstream) Sales, Customer Service, Team Building, Systemising, Entrepreneurial Success and Personal Wealth Creation... And of course, a sustainable business for your team members that benefits your community

Freedom Level - This is an Immersive 1-2-1 Coaching Program designed for those business owners who are determined to achieve significant growth or sector leadership in the next 12 months.

You will have access to the online programs and the group coaching webinars, however your Business Academy approved coach will take you in a journey that will make a real difference to your lifestyle, the value and the position of your business in the marketplace, which is a prelude to your exit strategy.

Request A No Obligation, Complementary, Discovery Consultation...

The best way for your to predict your future is to create it. Even if you are unsure which program is right for you, lets chat, and discover how we can fast forward your future

We are committed to your privacy and will never share your information with third parties. You will be added to our educational mail list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Supporting Services

It does not matter what your business does, you are in the people business. You must therefore understand behaviours and how to leverage them... 

The foundation for success in any business resides upon it culture. You must therefore understand how to create a platform that inspires team contribution... 

If you focus only on results you will rarely affect change. You must therefore focus on change and engage your team in improvement planning, measuring progress & achieve massive results...

Behavioural Profiling

Discover The Power Of You As Part Of The Collective We... Enhance Your Recruitment, Team Building & Relationships

Learn More

Team Alignments

Re- Align All Team Members With Re-Defined Company Goals, Culture, And With Each Other To Improve Contribution

Learn More

Peak Performance Planning

Discover Advanced Business Mastery, Strategic & Improvement Planning Involving Your Team Through In-House Workshops

Learn More

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Connect



“Collaboration is the key to success in modern business … It allows us to journey beyond the confines of our own conditioning and share in a wider collective experience, combining the imagination and creativity of others to cross-pollinate true innovation and generate mutual growth”

- Derek Mair


Still deliberating if now if the right time for you, just yet, to join our Business Academy family?

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