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Stop Managing Your Time and Start Managing Your Energy

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Stop Managing Your Time and Start Managing Your Energy – Derek Mair

Quantum Physics has proven beyond doubt that nothing is solid, although it may appear so to us. All objects, organic or inorganic are in a constant state of flux, or motion, or vibrational energy.

Everything is in fact made of energy. Just like the light spectrum some vibrational energies you can only partially detect and perceive, some you cannot detect or perceive such as that of a table leg, and some you perceive through your minds filters as continual fluid motions such as a movie, which is collection of still pictures captured at a minimum of 24 frames per second.

Perception is awareness of your environment but it is shaped by beliefs. Belief precedes perception because they have already been programmed into your subconscious. Beliefs determine your biological and behavioural reality, in other words you don’t see the world as it is, you see the world as you are or more appropriately as you FEEL emotionally.

Take old age… as soon as you start to tell yourself that you cannot do something anymore, then your biological ENEGRY system will adjust to prove you right and you will begin feel old and believe it to be so.


“Age is not a function of time, it is a function of belief and non-motion. Dis-ease (disease) is not a function of ill health, it is a function of belief and imbalance”.

Derek Mair


You are pure energy in its most beautiful and intelligent configuration. Energy that is constantly changing beneath the surface controlled by your powerful mind, with its programming code, your emotions, which is driven by your spirit, and determined by the health of the vessel in which they reside, your body.

Quantum physics has proven the world is not the hard and unchangeable thing it may appear to be. Instead, it is a very fluid place continuously maintained using our individual and collective thoughts.

Your world is made of the balance (or imbalance) of body, mind, emotions and spirit…

The key with all of this information is how you learn to see YOUR universe differently than you do now so that you can take action to manifest everything you truly desire.

Most people believe that balance and efficiency is a function of managing their Time, where in fact the key to balance and efficiency is to manage your Intentional Energy…  

The Four 4 Domains of Intentional Energy & Balance

  1. The Domain of Physical Energy: The Body
  2. The Domain of Influential Energy: The Emotions
  3. The Domain of Focused Energy: The Mind
  4. The Domain of Persistence Energy: The Human Spirit (Purpose & Meaning)


Energy Intention is one the Three elements of our LifeTime Leverage System

  • Time Intention
  • Energy Intention
  • Experience Intention

Review more about all three elements of our LifeTime Leverage System and the Online Course Modules including your Step By Step Implementation Guide to redefine your Relationship with Time and learn more about the Four 4 Domains of Intentional Energy & Balance


Download a Compendium of the Entire LifeTime Leverage System and start using it today.


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