Re-Define The Destination Together, Get Everyone Travelling On The Same Road, And Watch Them Pick Up The Speed

Your Team Alignment Workshop

"Great leaders ‘do not’ build great businesses; great leaders build great people who build great systems that run great businesses, aligned within a culture of excellence”
Derek Mair

Your  Business AcademyTeam Alignment Workshop creates an opportunity for all team members within the company to re- align with the organisations goals and culture, and with each other to close the gap between strategy and execution. 

It’s a productive and fun interactive workshop – A chance for Company Directors to communicate to all where they would like to take the company in the next year and beyond, so that all team members have the chance to help in re-defining a winning culture and developing the strategies that are going to get you there.

A simple yet elegant overview, which can be applied to any existing framework, may be defined as ‘The Creativity Gap’. Our workshop process will begin to discover the causes of any gaps and engage individuals to be self-motivated and influence teams to get involved in the creative process, and thus raise performance to a higher standard of contribution for the benefit of all stakeholders, in order to achieve the vision.

The outcome is to create a platform for each team member, regardless of position, to succeed individually and contribute to the success of the team and the company by bridging the creativity gaps.

During this in-house or webinar based interactive workshop we will..

Refine together the vision and goals for the business and the values by which we expect to treat others and be treated. Gain knowledge and tools to better engage and elicit the best out of each other and earn how to motivate ourselves and communicate with certainty and confidence in any situation. It provides an opportunity to review as a team the Online Team Profile and 360° Leadership Anonymous Feedback Reports. 

Half Day Workshop

  • Discover the driving force behind every team
  • Idealise the future we all wish to experience
  • Redefine / Align Cultural Framework
    • Vision / Goals / Values
  • Leadership 360° Appraisal Review
  • Team Profile Review
Overview of Team Profile & 360°

Full Day Workshop

  • Discover the driving force behind every team
  • Idealise the future we all wish to experience
  • Redefine / Align Cultural Framework
    • Vision / Goals / Values
  • Leadership 360° Appraisal Review
  • Team Profile Review
  • 7 Fundamentals of A Winning Team
  • DISC Behavioural Team Profiling
  • 90 Day Strategic Improvement Plan
Overview of DISC Profiling & Planning

An Online Webinar version with staggered delivery is also available.

Please Note: Facilitated offline managerial preparation is required for half day and full day workshops.

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Steve Neilson

"The questions we asked was what would our business need to become for all to do our very best in everything we do?

What we built was a community that is connected for growth, in which staff want to contribute and add value and clients want to work with, while we relentlessly pursued our collective vision in an environment where everyone could thrive and continually push boundaries to achieve excellence… Where, as a ‘by-product’, performance and efficiency improved, and as a team we passionately delivered an exceptional product on time with superb quality and customer delight” 

Our Team Alignment Workshop provided the platform for the team to discover and implement this.

MD. Worksmart Contracts Ltd

Overview of Workshop Psychographic Evaluations & Reporting Systems...

Online Team Profiling System

Each member of your team can contribute to where you are going and how you get there. Business Academy Online Team Profile questionnaire has been designed to help your team members rate the business in relation to the ideal team you all wish to have. We have identified 25 key areas that contribute to team success with regards to Purpose and Direction, Team Leadership, Understanding Differences, Processes, Communication, Empowerment and Relationships.

Each designated team member will receive a link via email or text to an anonymous online questionnaire where they will answer each statement and rate your business from 1 to 5 relating to whether they strongly agree or strongly disagree with the statement. Providing your team members with such a platform to express their opinions is very powerful and can be used as an opportunity to involve them more in improvement brainstorming and actions, resulting in team members who are motivated to contribute at far higher levels.

Your Licensed Business Academy Affiliate Partner will collate the responses and provide a consolidated report in various info graph formats that can be viewed online to share with the team.

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Online 360° Leadership Appraisal System

In contrast the Business Academy 360 Leadership Appraisal System, which is also anonymous, focuses on providing a rounded view of leadership performance by gathering feedback on an individual from many sources, typically including peers, self, customers, managers and team members. The provides far better feedback on skills, performance, working relationships, etc. in comparison to the more traditional appraisal arrangement based on line manager’s assessment.

Transparency and humility are strong leadership qualities, and will move individuals out of their comfort zone and into the risk and reward zone. The areas appraised within the online questionnaire can be adapted, though will usually include: Personal Effectiveness, Continuous Learning, Leadership, Innovation and Knowledge sharing, which is always followed by open feedback that considers the following three questions: What I should continue doing? What I should improve? What I should STOP doing?

Your Licensed Business Academy Affiliate Partner, will collate the participants answers and provide a consolidated report in various info graph and text formats that can used to create a Personal Development Plan with your coach or mentor, and be viewed online to share with selected team members.

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Optional Additions To Your Team Alignment Workshop

Discover The Power Of Me As Part Of The Collective We. 

Add NOVODISC Behavioural Profiling to your Team Alignment Workshop (Optional)

Teams are the building blocks for an organisations success, yet most teams suffer from a critical interpersonal skills gap that impedes success. And unfortunately, many employers see teamwork as something that should either come naturally to their employees or they will figure it out on the go.


NOVODISC Team Building Reports

Our Business Academy Team Building Psychometric Behavioural Profile service is capable of combining any number of personality profiles to model effective new teams, or explore the dynamics and team roles at work within any group of people. The Behavioural Team Analysis uses powerful and proven DISC psychometrics to build team behavioural profiles for any set of individuals to help understand how they can effectively work together, their individual roles, skills and leadership potential within the team.

Review More Benefits Of NOVODISC Behavioural Profiling

Unleash The Potential Of Your Business 

Add a Peak Performance Planning Session to your Team Alignment Workshop (Optional)

Using collateral, elements and methodology from the proven planning system within Business Academy Freedom Level Programmes we will work with all team alignment attendees and draft a strategic business Improvement plan together, with a set of goals/targets, of how we will measure performance. The outcome is emotional buy-in, and of course, collective alignment from your team.

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"Having a Plan is not the most important element of Planning... It is the Process of ‘Planning’ itself, with your team that is most important. In fact it is thee essential element for growth and development because it brings the future into the present by forcing us to ask questions so we can do something about it in the present.”  

Derek Mair

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There has never been a better time to re-define your culture, re-align & plan a common future with your team. 


Millennials are also three times more likely to take responsibility for their own re-skilling and want training and development delivered in a new ways. Along with Gen Z's they seek jobs that give them a sense of collective purpose, aligned with their own goals and values to feel they are “contributing”, which is now inextricably linked to engagement, performance and results.

The evolution of organisational design is intrinsically aligned throughout history to shift changes in human consciousness. We are on the cusp of a conscious expansion and all companies regardless of size must position themselves ‘now’ to redefine a sustainable organisational and cultural structure into the future.

"Organisations must now tap into this shift from individual to collective consciousness..." 


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