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NOVODISC Behavioural Profiling




Recognise & understand other people’s behaviour & build rapport almost instantly...

No longer suffer, "but they seemed just perfect during interview" scenario...

Identify gaps in your team, understand how they gel & how to fix it if they don't...

Be a better, more confident leader, sales person, negotiator, influencer, collaborator, with instant insight to hold different types of people accountable...


NOVODISC profiling is completely cloud based, and if used wisely and responsibly, will provide you with new and deeper insights into understanding people and how to hone your own skills to master communication and the art of connecting with people. Your DISC profile report will provide a detailed behavioural assessment and when used with the simple insights we can discover together by reviewing your profile, can become a powerful tool to help create extraordinary results...

Benefit 1

You can be more effective when you understand how and why you react in certain ways in different circumstances.

Benefit 2

By understanding the needs of others and what motivates them you can be a more effective leader, team player, salesperson, or teacher.

Benefit 3

Understanding your own  motivations and some basic assumptions you make about others can provide valuable insights

Benefit 4

If you hire the right people for the right job based on the behavioural style required for that job, you will reduce employment and training costs.

Benefit 5

When you communicate with others on their ‘wavelength’ you will create a harmonious work environment with less stress.

Benefit 6

When you maximize the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses in individuals you can create a more productive team.

The NOVODISC Quadrant

NOVODISC is a four quadrant behavioural model based on the work of William Moulton Marston PhD (1893–1947). Each person is a unique mixture of these 4, though usually 1 or 2 of the characteristics are more predominant.

Using NOVODISC Coaching to Develop People

NOVODISC Behavioural Profile Reports

In professional leadership development, recruitment and assessment, you need to gain the most powerful insights into the driving forces behind a personality. 

Personal qualities like drive, motivation and social skills are critical success factors. NOVODISC is a powerful behavioural tool that builds a profile of working behaviour that helps you choose the right people and be sure they function at their best.

A DISC profile can give you that insight, drawing on an industry-standard psychometric technique to create the most advanced individual reporting available anywhere. Based on a simple and straightforward personality questionnaire, we can compile a detailed and informative report that tells you everything you need to know about a person, from their inner motivations to their working style.

Classic Report

Profile report with NOVODISC and trait assessment, general textual report and optional Job Match.

Download Sample Report

Enhanced Report

Profile report with all Classic content plus eleven extra topics of more specific textual analysis.

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Feedback Report

Introductory-level profile report designed to be read by the candidate about their own results

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Motivation Report

Available with a Feedback Report, the motivation spectrum breaks down key motivating factors for an individual

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Our NOVODISC Personality Assessments are Powerful, Accurate, Effective...

For over ten years, we have provided psychometric assessments to all sizes of organisations from Fortune 500 companies, FTSE corporations, and government agencies, through to small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Essential in Recruitment
Recruitment can be a challenge, finding the right person for the job can be critical to success. Understanding drive, motivation, ambition and other personality traits is more important than CVs and personal judgement alone. A NOVODISC profile gives that crucial understanding and much more... For perhaps the first time you will have deep probing questions relating to the specific candidates behavioural and cultural suitability for the role to ask at interview.

Essential in Assessment
If you work with people, you need to be able to assess their current situation, their needs, and the way they interact with those around them. NOVODISC is the essential psychometric tool to help improve individual performances, relationships and teams in the workplace.

Essential in Team Building
NOVODISC has the tools to combine and analyse the individual DISC styles of your team members providing invaluable insights into the teams balance and how each persons personality behavioural types affects the groups dynamics, measuring direction, communication, stability and productivity in comparison to the teams Participation, Application, Flexibility and Resoursefulness.    

Essential in Business
NOVODISC has applications for every part of business, from management to sales, to service and beyond. Help your people learn to communicate more effectively, plan their management approach, strategise sales and negotiation. We can help you in all these areas with remarkable results.

My Complementary Report

I have been granted a complimentary NOVODISC Classic Behavioural Report...

Use the link below to access your behavioural profile questionnaire using the 'Password' and simple instructions that were emailed to you. 

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NOVODISC Recruitment & Appraisal Reports

Enhance your selection and interview processes by creating a Job Profile to describe the behaviour needs of your job, and the Job Matching feature will help you find the right person quickly and efficiently every time...

  • The practice of interviewing candidates face-to-face, in room or via video link, is designed to help build a clear picture of each applicant's personal qualities. We can use DISC profiles to take this process much further.
  • We assess the suitability of a candidate for a job by comparing their unique personality fingerprint against the ideal personality type for the job. We call this process Job Matching.
  • A candidate's personality gives you key details about their individual performance, and also describes how well they are likely to fit into your organisational structure.

In 'Recruitment' mode gain insight into relevant and searching interview questions, or in 'Assessment' mode gain insight into possible training requirements and searching appraisal questions.

Matching Aptitudes and Skills
Our range of tools also include an extensive online testing service for skills and aptitudes.
These tests, including verbal dexterity, numeracy, comprehension and abstract reasoning, are the perfect complement to a NOVODISC Job Match, helping to build a complete picture of a candidate's potential.

Enhance Your Hiring & Interview System

Make sure that you're making an appropriate match and generate key questions for interview based on that unique individual’s behavioural profile and the behavioural characteristics required for the role from various reports.

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Job Profile Report

Job Profile assessment for standard or custom profiles, including personality requirements.

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Job Match Report

Match a candidate's behavioural style against a role similar or different to that which they currently fill.

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NOVODISC Team Building Reports

Our Team Profile service is capable of combining any number of personality profiles to model effective new teams, or explore the dynamics and team roles at work within any group of people. The Team Profile uses powerful and proven DISC psychometrics to build team profiles for any set of individuals to help understand how they can effectively work together, their individual roles, skills and leadership potential within the team.

NOVODISC broadly describes teams through four core factors:

  • Direction
  • Communication
  • Stability
  • Productivity

From these core factors, we can produce a thorough exploration of the personality-related features and performance of the team.

  • For role assessment, we also incorporate the powerful PPF role model, (Pace, Perspective, Focus), to describes team members. This model identifies attitudes and roles within the team.
  • We can analyse these roles and show areas where the team excels, and also where types of role need to be more strongly represented.

Working relationships are just as important as individual skills and abilities. Assess and understand personal dynamics to cultivate more effective interaction, resulting in higher productivity and job satisfaction. A relationship report brings together all the important features of a working relationship, including the most productive aspects, and areas where they are likely to disagree:

  • Finding common ground, and emphasising areas where two people take a similar approach to their work.
  • Understanding differences of perspective, helping to show how different viewpoints can be equally valid.
  • Uncovering areas of possible future conflict, and preparing to handle them constructively.
  • Highlighting complementary strengths, so that abilities within each style help build a truly effective working relationship.

Real World - Team Report Case Study Summary

International Corporate Client, Operational Management Team

Enhance Remote / Home Working Efficiency

The report looks at remote and home working in various ways providing a series of detailed pointers and guidelines tailored to each individual's personality style, as well as a breakdown of eight 'remote working factors'.

Download Sample Report

Team Report

Team report for any group of profiles, including team dynamics, roles, leadership analysis and more.

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Relationship Report

Relationship assessment for two profiles, describing the working relationship from both viewpoints.

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Discover Yourself

Discover the benefits of understanding your own DISC Behavioural Profile with an expert interpretation for you to understand your more natural behavioural style and approach and how you are adapting it in your current work environment...

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Top features

Improve your interpersonal skills so that you can get more out of yourself and of others...

  • Classic Behavioural Profile Report 
  • Introductory-level Feedback Report: Your core values, abilities, limitations, & motivating factors, etc.
  • Job Match Report: Your strengths & recommended development requirements for your current role.
  • 20min Zoom Coaching Session





Most Popular

You can unlock even more  about yourself by upgrading to an Enhanced report...

  • Enhanced Behavioural Profile Report 
  • Advanced-level Feedback Report: Your core values, abilities, limitations, & motivating factors, etc
  • Job Match Report: Your strengths & recommended development requirements for your current role.
  • Enhance Remote / Home Working Efficiency Report: Derives values and recommendations for eight Remote Working Factors.
  • Motivation Report: Your motivation spectrum breaks down personal key motivating and demotivating factors in terms of leading yourself and being managed.
  • 30min Zoom Coaching Session



Top features

Tailor NOVODISC reports, support and coaching to suit your team or organisation needs...

  • Multiple Behavioural Profiles
  • Multiple Feedback Report
  • Multiple Motivation Reports
  • Multiple Remote / Home Working Reports
  • Job Profile Reports
  • Team Profile Reports: Analysis, Structure, Dynamics, Subfactors, Roles, Balance.
  • Relationship Reports: Conflict Resolution / Relationship Alignment Coaching
  • Hiring / Interview Support and Coaching: Combines Job Match & Profile Reports.
  • Team Workshops: Group Coaching
  • Behavioural Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Sales Coaching


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