Programme 8 - Customer Retention (Service) System

Unleash The Power of Your Customers as Your Best Salespeople

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to master external & ‘internal’ customer service cycles, and use onboarding, loyalty, and differentiation systems that will stand you apart and give the WOW factor, unleashing the power of all your stakeholders as business growth and success ambassadors

Thrive Level - Workshop 8

The WOW Factor – Customer Service Workshop.

Great Customer Service is all about creating a WOW factor through a service led culture, along with a Customer Retention and Referral System that will turn your team into your most effective marketing strategy and your customers into a sales machine.

Allan Thomson


This has allowed us to restructure the company, identify areas of growth, and drive improvements required to take a 200 year old company into the future with respect of our customer experience, cash flow and profitability in the current economy. It did more than save the business, it set us on a path, and the experience has been invaluable.


Core Level -  Online Programme 8 (Customer Service)

An Online Programme and System with Learning Pages, eBooks, Videos, Assessments, Models, Strategies, and Tools.

Customer Retention Online Program & Implementation Support System

When you make a sale, you generate income; When you make an investment of time and deliver an exceptional experience to a customer, you generate profitable lifetime value. A system that ensures consistency in your customers experience is key to promoting brand awareness and recognition. In this programme we will create a WOW customer experience, consistently, with critical nonessentials, learn to manage your customer's expectations and keep them returning and referring. We will create an onboarding process and get your customers up the ladder of loyalty using quality service to differentiate your business from your competition. We will make a real difference teaching your team to provide personalised, responsive "extra-mile service" and indoctrinate stay-in-touch systems. We will also discover and implement an ‘internal customer service cycle’ that will be a true game changer for your leadership and management.

7 Fundamental Modules
7     Learning Videos
7   Bonus Modules
Lock-It-In Workbook Pages
Discovery Assessments
Implement Guides
5 Additional Downloads
Gamification to get your Team Involved
Community Support Webinars

"A Customer Service System is a collective way of thinking and a congruent style of working where dedication to a quality of service, (internal & external) delivers an EXPERIENCE of excellence. It becomes more than just good business; it becomes a way of doing business that inspires and enrols the collaboration, contribution and commitment of ALL Stakeholders”

Derek Mair

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