Programme 7 - Customer Approval (Sales) System

It’s Not About Having the Right Opportunities; It’s About Managing the Opportunities Right

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a customer approval sales system establishing consistency, trust, and familiarity, learn how to build relationships that eliminate objections, and understand the psychology of buyers to implement and maximise sales conversion and average value sale strategies

Thrive Level - Workshop 7

The Psychology of a Buying – Sales Workshop.

Sales is a medium for professional problem identification and solution provision. So, if you want Sales training, you can get it anywhere; we will look at the psychology of how people buy. 70% of the Sales process is Relationship Building and/or Problem Identification; Therefore 70% of your time with a prospect is not selling. You will learn how to effectively communicate, and positively influence people, to become a great leader or salesperson leveraged by a dedicated sales process.

James Burwood


"We increased revenue by over 130%, have systems in place with some very exciting and profitable pipeline projects, and a workforce who are transforming the business"

Burnhouse Engineering & Fabrication

Core Level -  Online Programme 7 (Sales)

An Online Programme and System with Learning Pages, eBooks, Videos, Assessments, Models, Strategies, and Tools.

Customer Approval Online Program & Implementation Support System

We will create a Customer Approval System (sales process) unique to your business maximising prospect conversions and creating consistency of experience, plus boost the average sale value from every customer you are already doing business with. We will build the most effective sales appeal for your products and services that sets your business head and shoulders above my competition. Your sales process will take them on a journey designed to get your prospects to approve of your value proposition (sales conversion) at the earliest opportunity…. You will understand behaviours and communication modalities, together with stress points and learning styles enabling you to adapt to a customer’s buying profile. Developing technology, systems, process, and sales leadership skills will bring out the absolute best in you and your team.

6 Fundamental Modules
6     Learning Videos
5   Bonus Modules
Lock-It-In Workbook Pages
Discovery Assessments
Implement Guides
4 Additional Downloads
Gamification to get your Team Involved
Community Support Webinars
“Failing to make a sale from dedicated activity happens for one of for three reasons:
They don’t have trust, confidence and certainty in you to deliver what you say you can
They don’t have trust, confidence and certainty in your product or service to deliver what they believe it will do for them
They don’t have trust, confidence and certainty in the sales process, therefore the company, to deliver on the expectations set"
Derek Mair

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