Programme 6 - Customer Attraction (Marketing) System

Don’t tell them what you do… Tell them what they get out of what you do

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to skyrocket your profit by understanding what generates it, and create a marketing machine at the heart of your business that connects your value proposition to your target market, delivering lead after lead by working above the gross profit line to make £££ from social, digital to mainstream channels

Thrive Level - Workshop 6

How To Buy Customers – Marketing Workshop.

Through marketing you create the opportunity to educate your target market on how to succeed at their goals using your solutions. In this workshop you will learn how to create a Customer Attraction System including marketing copy, digital innovation & measurement that will drive a marketing machine generating cash flow stability.

Michael Caldow


"We increased revenue by over 100% in less than 3 months - and only just scratched the surface of our marketing plan."

Rowallan Specialist Surveys

Core Level -  Online Programme 6 (Marketing)

An Online Programme and System with Learning Pages, eBooks, Videos, Assessments, Models, Strategies, and Tools.

Customer Attraction Online Program & Implementation Support System

Through this programme you will discover that marketing is the art of getting your ideal prospect to understand the emotional value they will gain, regardless of the monetary value they will spend, and to internalise what it will mean for them to do business with you. You will learn and implement the Profit Multiplier System, identify target markets, create a value proposition, marketing messages and material to apply a turnkey, persuasive, and inexpensive ways to generate more leads for your products or services. We will create a step-by-step holistic strategic marketing plan that integrates Digital, Social, Website and Mainstream strategies to significantly re-engage old customers, increase new customers, maximise the margin mix and therefore improve profitability.

7 Fundamental Modules
8     Learning Videos
6   Bonus Modules
Lock-It-In Workbook Pages
Discovery Assessments
Implement Guides
7 Additional Downloads
Gamification to get your Team Involved
Community Support Webinars

"Through marketing you create the opportunity to educate your target market on how to succeed at their goals using your solutions... It is a process that turns into a sale and never ends because customer service is simply marketing… Where your goal is to turn your best customers into your best marketers.”

Derek Mair

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