Programme 4 - Business Health and Wealth System

If You Don't Know Your Numbers; You Don't Know Your Business

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to improve your financial IQ, understand your business health, make and measure small changes that will have significant impact, empowering you to be in control and in sync with your business finances so you may ask better questions of your accountant, and make better informed decisions

Thrive Level - Workshop 4

Business Finance Made Simple – Know Your Numbers Workshop

You will learn and use the five critical financial controls you must know as a business owner. Work above your Gross Profit line to make pounds rather than continually striving to save pennies and implement small changes in critical areas will have a significant impact on the bottom line. We will develop a Financial Dashboard through KPI’s and ratios so you can spot challenges, recognise opportunities, and make informed decisions through your numbers.

James Burwood


"We had poor margins and were losing money each month, and within a few months were making the same as we were losing. We have since increased revenue by over 130%"

MD Burnhouse Engineering

Core Level -  Online Programme 4 (Business Finance Made Simple)

An Online Programme and System with Learning Pages, eBooks, Videos, Assessments, Models, Strategies, and Tools.

Business Health & Wealth Programme & Implementation Support System

Designed to re-educate you on your own business using information you already have so that you may ask better questions of your support stakeholders; You will Plug and Play with, and importantly understand, your Balance Sheet, how your Profit and Loss got you to your Balance Sheet and use projections to efficiently manage your cash flow along with a budget statement. You will be able to access the Business Ratios used by your bank manager and investors to assess your business health and most significantly, you will be able to implement strategies in the 6 profit input areas that will massively multiply profit in any business.

7 Fundamental Modules
8     Learning Videos
11   Bonus Modules
Lock-It-In Workbook Pages
Discovery Assessments
Implement Guides
7 Additional Downloads
Gamification to get your Team Involved
Community Support Webinars

“Time and money are the only two things you can invest;

Though only by investing your time into expanding your mind and your financial IQ, can you expand your wealth.”

- Derek Mair

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