Programme 2 - Leadership Development Needs Analysis (DNA) System

How To Become a Phenomenal Leader & Get the Best Out of Yourself

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to replace limiting habits with success habits and upgrade your identity to match your destiny, aligning your mindset, action set and skillset to the leader you want to be with the fortitude of character required to authentically lead others, and truly lead change… To Be You as A Better You

Thrive Level - Workshop 2

Be The Change You Wish to See – Self Leadership Workshop.

You cannot learn to lead others until you can Lead yourself, and the quality of your leadership journey and potential will be dependent on your ability to build cognitive, emotional & conscious awareness skills to improve your Motivational, Emotional and Adversity Intelligence.

David Rodgers


"Management in my organisation have been on this leadership development programme for over 3 months. Without doubt the best money I have ever spent"."

COO Glennon Brothers

Core Level -  Online Programme 2 (Self Leadership)

An Online Programme and System with Learning Pages, eBooks, Videos, Assessments, Models, Strategies, and Tools.

Leadership DNA (Development Needs Analysis) System Programme and Step-by-Step Implementation Guide

The Leadership DNA system allows you to define, recognise and close the gap between where you are now and where you would like to be through a personal development plan, starting with benchmarking your current reality, re-programming your mind for success, dispelling limiting beliefs and generating super confidence. You will define and improve your self-leadership in terms of your personal effectiveness, motivation, decision making, and communication skills, etc. You will learn how to hold others accountable through experiential assertiveness and practice the gentle art of delegation to influence people to follow the path you are on.

8 Fundamental Modules
12     Learning Videos
10   Bonus Modules
Lock-It-In Workbook Pages
Discovery Assessments
Implement Guides
9 Additional Downloads
Gamification to get your Team Involved
Community Support Webinars

"You cannot solve any problem with the same mindset that created the problem, therefore if you’re not content accepting mediocrity you must commit yourself to learning self leadership...”

Derek Mair

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