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Business Academy Membership, Programs & Workshops Overview

If what you are doing in your business right now, is not getting you to where you want to be,  Membership is the BREAKTHROUGH you have been searching for to help you climb higher, faster, better.

Membership Overview
Programs Overview

Who Is It For?

If you're a business owner frustrated with the performance of your people and business, or are ready to take it to the next level but don't yet know how to make that step change. 

The truth is... regardless of "the economy", or even the stiffest, biggest, most cut throat competition, virtually any business can not only survive but actually thrive in any area or location, if they understand and implement our proven business development and personal growth strategies.

Michael Caldow

"We increased revenue by over 100% in less than 3 months - and only just scratched the surface of our marketing plan."

Rowallan Specialist Surveys

Steve Neilson

"What we re-built was a community connected for growth, where everyone could thrive and add value, and a company that clients really wanted to work with"

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Who Is It Not For?

It’s NOT for you if you’re seeking overnight success and riches with no work. Many courses promise you that, but none of them deliver, because it's not possible. It’s NOT for you if you’re ambiguous or want to dabble in the subject of business success. This programme is about 'Success.' Dabblers should not apply.

It’s NOT for you unless you're serious about massively increasing your profits. The mass of business owners will be perfectly content if this year is the same or slightly better than last year. This program is not for the mass of business owners. It’s for those who truly want to achieve what they got into business for in the first place. 

Who Created It?

This is a real-world program specifically designed by successful business owners for business owners.

The culmination of this program will enable you to master building a company for high growth including Culture Development, Self-Leadership, Time Management, Business Finances, Marketing, (digital and mainstream) Sales, Customer Service, Team Building, Systemising, Entrepreneurial Success and Personal Wealth Creation.

Exactly how long it takes depends on many things, including your commitment to enjoying extraordinary success and the best blended learning support level for you.

Jimmy Burwood

"We increased revenue by over 130%, have systems in place with some very exciting and profitable pipeline projects, and a workforce who are transforming the business"

Burnhouse Engineering and Fabrication

Fast Forward Your Future

The size and type of your business, or it's longevity does not matter. But your willingness to take part with 100% commitment and take action on what you learn does, and the reason we insist that only serious Business Owners take out Membership. That said, if you are serious about your business, and you're willing to be open minded about new ideas and new ways of looking at your business and what it really means to be a successful business owner, then here are 5 reasons why you must join us on this extraordinary and exclusive programme:

1. This is your ultimate insurance policy against the economy and, competitors. Learn precisely how to control the flow of customers and clients into your business and the flow of money into your bank account.

2. You will discover hundreds of new strategies, tips, tools and techniques to grow your business at pace. The entire goal of the Program is to grow your business by 50% - 100% and gain you back CHOICE.

3. You will receive increasing coaching support at each involvement level to answer your questions, help you solve your biggest problems and motivate and inspire you. We know that your business and life can be so much more than it is now.

4. The power of the program is significant, just ask the many hundreds who have been through it before you.... We will work together ON your business- in a way that is potentially transformative. It's a Blended Learning Modular System with acceding support levels that provide you with Maximum Choice & Flexibility to Invest in Your Future, Your Way...

Chris Wakefield

"When I first joined Business Academy I was an IT Engineer who ran an IT company but after completing the course I feel I am now a business owner who runs an IT Company instead.

Ops Director - ComTec IT

Frances Barron

"Inspirational development programme, our business has grown significantly but mostly I learned that if you believe you can do it you can – you are only limited by yourself."

MD. The Dessert Depot


Guy Redford

Fantastic, I’ve learned how to Involve my Team More, Profitability compounding effect, What Marketing really is, systems that will drive the business, our true value proposition".

Director of Golf - Loch Lomond Golf Club


5. Our Culture

We are a Global Coaching Partnership committed through our programs to help you become better and move your business forward.

Our purpose is to create a learning platform where we can share common experiences and solutions in order to better ourselves, our businesses, our members, their businesses, their clients and the communities they serve.

Our Vision is to build a global a community of members who collaborate and network to build sustainable futures and live exceptional life's.

The Biggest Reasons Are What We Value. Watch the Video


Programs & Systems Overview

Business Academy Is One Of The Most Dynamic Business Growth & Leadership Development Programs Available Today For Small To Medium Sized Business Owners with Blended Learning Support

A Look Inside Your Personal Library & A Selected Program...

A Look Inside Your Online Programs, Overview, Implementation Guides & Workshops...

For Individuals Character Is Destiny; For Your Business Culture Is Destiny

An Online Program, System & Step by Step Implementation Guide to Take Control of Your Destiny and Re-define Your Business Culture 

Core Level Membership -  Program 1 (Redefining Culture)

Organisation and Cultural Development (OCD) Online Program & Implementation Support System - When it comes to developing and living your organisations culture, you should have a touch of OCD... Culture transcends at some level through every country or commonwealth, area, city, town genres, religion, or ethnic group. Through every organisation, group, team or family. Therefore IN BUSINESS, before strategies, before operations, before sales, before systems, before team, the leader’s role is to establish the culture with their team. The Foundation of a Great Team or Business resides upon its Culture... Fast Forward Your Future by using this Program to Define or Re-define Your Business Culture Framework...


14 Learning Modules

10 Learning Videos

Pre and Post Assessments

4 Additional Downloads

6 Workbook Pages

Gamifications to get your Team involved

Your OCD System Step by Step Implementation Guide & Strategies 

Some of the Program outcomes you will gain:

  • How to create a platform to inspire team contribution.
  • How to create a culture that will define how we act and interact with customers and with each other, motivate staff at all levels, and attract the right people to my company
  • How to get my team motivated and contributing for the betterment of the company and all stakeholders
  • How to develop a clear and powerful set of personal and business goals and have a compelling vision for the company
  • How to to re-find my passion and get my heart and mind back focused on enjoying running and building the operation again

Thrive Level - Workshop 1

Start With The End In Mind - Setting your Future Workshop. Learn how to get your team enrolled, engaged and contributing, plus the most powerful but underused management and leadership tool available to you right now. You’ll learn how to build a business, regardless of age, from the foundations up starting with the Culture of a winning company

How To Become A Phenomenal Leader & Get The Best Out Of Yourself

An Online Program, System & Step by Step Implementation Guide To You As A Better You.

Core Level Membership - Program 2 (Self Leadership)

Leadership DNA (Development Needs Analysis) Online Program & System - Individuals in leadership positions should recognise a need to develop and improve, and most will realise a gap exists between where they are now and where they would like to be. The Leadership DNA system allows academy members to define and recognise the gap and benchmark their current reality, giving insights and score interpretations and create a Personal Development Plan. The quality of your leadership journey and your true potential will be dependant on many factors including your foundations of self-awareness, social-awareness, self-management and relationship management. Fast Forward Your Future by using this program to get out of your own way so that you can enhance your current leadership attributes and improve your cognitive and emotional skills to influence others, and an internal belief systems to overcome any obstacle.


18 Learning Modules

12 Learning Videos


9 Additional Downloads

Gamifications to get your Team involved

Your Leadership DNA System Step by Step Implementation Guide & Strategies

Some of the Program outcomes you will gain:

  • How to develop and build a strong personal leadership brand so I can, not just manage, but truly lead myself, my people and my organisation
  • How to program my mind for success, dispelling limiting beliefs & generate super confidence
  • How to define and improve my leadership DNS (Development Needs Analysis) in terms of my personal effectiveness, confidence, decision making, communication skills, etc
  • How to hold others accountable through assertive, the gentle art of delegation and influence people to follow the path I am on
  • How others perceive me, what holds me back, how I can achieve at a far higher level and improve my Motivational, Emotional & Adversity Intelligence
  • How to discover what makes people tick. Recognise and understand my own & other people's behavioural traits, & be able to build rapport almost instantly

Thrive Level - Workshop 2

Be The Change You Wish To See – Self Leadership Workshop. You cannot learn to lead others until you can Lead yourself, and the quality of your leadership journey and potential will be dependent on your ability to build cognitive, emotional & conscious awareness skills to influence others, and an internal belief systems to overcome any obstacle

What You Think You Know About Time Management is Completely Outdated

An Online Program and System with a Step by Step Implementation Guide to STOP You Being a Slave to Time, Increase your Energy Levels, your Expectations and Leverage your Life.

Core Level Membership - Program 3 (Time Leverage)

Life TIME Leverage  Online Program & Support System - A proprietary and comprehensive step by step guide to help you understand your relationship with time and put personal systems in place so you can manage your personal energy, your team and your business far more effectively and efficiently.

  • Its not about managing Time; its about managing your Energy – The Four Dimensions of Energy
  • Its not about Time Management, the process of 'Finding more Time' to create future workload; Its about Time Intent© the process of 'Investing Time' to create future Choices.
  • Its not about being a slave to your subconscious programmes or patterns. Its about setting your ‘Experience Intention’, or the expectations of what you want to experience, even as you enter each new daily / hourly segment of your life.

Today I’m More Energised, empowered and enriched.


14 Learning Modules

9 Learning Videos


7 Additional Downloads

Your Step by Step Implementation Guide & Strategies 

Some of the Program outcomes you will gain:

  • How To Leverage Your Time To Create Better Choice in Your Business & Life
  • How me and my team can get better use of our time and stop working reactively, putting out fires, and become more pro-active about building the company
  • To get myself the freedom of more time away from the business, still knowing it is growing and creating more, and more, profits without me there
  • How to set powerful expectations that will influence my experiences
  • How to move from chaos to control to choice
  • How to maximise my personal effectiveness & energy, create decision making support systems and leverage strategic planning with cascading goals
  • How one simple strategy will change my current reality & gain me future choice

Thrive Level - Workshop 3

Time For Success - Time Intent Workshop - What you think you know about Time Management is completely outdated. As a concept Time Management was invented to help you develop strategies that would allow us to get stuff done faster so that theoretically we would have more time to do more stuff, though it is rarely stuff that really matters, or someone else could and should be doing it for you. The time you have 'spent' to get you to where you are today, will not get you to where you want to be tomorrow. To maximum you and your team’s productivity and your businesses effectiveness you need to stop 'spending time' and learn how to 'invest time with Intent'.

If You Don't Know Your Numbers; You Don't Know Your Business.

An Online Program and System with a Step by Step Implementation Guide to gain mastery and control of your business and allow you to make informed decisions.

Core Level Membership - Program 4 (Know Your Numbers)

Business Health and Wealth Calculators Online Program & Support System + Financial FACTS System + Profit Multiplier System
This online program and system is designed to re-educate you on your own business using information you already have so that you may ask better questions of your support stakeholders; You will Plug & Play with, and more importantly understand, your Balance Sheet and how your Profit and Loss Statement got you to your Balance Sheet. You will understand how to use your projections to efficiently manage your cash flow along with a budget statement. You will even be able to access the Business Ratios used by your bank manager and investors to assess your business healthy (beyond your credit score) for lending and Investment.


14 Learning Modules

9 Learning Videos

Pre and Post Assessments

7 Additional Downloads

Financial Analysis Review Implementation Guide

Hey Performance Indictor (KPI) Implementation Guide & Management Dashboard

Financial F.A.C.T.S. System Implementation Guide

Some of the Program outcomes you will gain:

  • How to use the 5 critical financial controls that as business owners we must know, and understand
  • How healthy my business truly is and learn how to build better relationships with your accountant
  • How to make pounds rather than continually striving to save pennies
  • How small changes in critical areas can have a great impact on the bottom line
  • How you cannot manage what you do not measure and one of the most important numbers you need to know; your FFF
  • How to massively multiply profit in any business, with hundreds of strategies you can choose from

Thrive Level -  Workshop 4

Business Finance Made Simple – Know Your Numbers Workshop. What you think you know about Business Finance is based on a Performance 'Result' Indicator that resides at the foot of your P&L.. Learn how to ask better questions of your accountant and bank manager by understanding how to interpret your full accounts. We will develop a Financial Dashboard through KPI’s and ratios so you can spot challenges, recognise opportunities and make informed decisions through your numbers.

Shift Your Team From The Ego 'Me' To The Collective 'WE'

An Online Program and System with a Step by Step Implementation Guide to Develop A Winning Team

Core Level Membership - Program 5 (Leading Others)

Creating High Performance Teams Online Program & Support System + AAA Recruitment System -

Understanding the fundamentals of a high performance team is one of the keys to developing a highly successful and profitable business.

Leaders of today must develop a broad range of skills and competences in insight, innovation, connection and engagement. To influence others to follow the path they are on in alignment with the organisation a strong leader must see and be able to articulate that path and its destination. A leader must gain an understanding of how and why people are inspired and learn how to engage their team in creative growth as they journey along the path.

Download your full AAA Recruitment System Implementation Guides. Plus... Access to Team Alignment Opportunities & DISC Behavioural Profiling.


14 Learning Modules

8 Learning Videos


6 Additional Downloads

Your AAA Recruitment System

Access to Team Alignment Opportunities & DISC Behavioural Profiling

Your Step by Step Implementation Guide & Strategies 

Some of the Program outcomes you will gain:

  • How to get my team motivated and contributing as individuals for the betterment of the company and all stakeholders
  • How to use a recruiting system that is both efficient and effective to help me add the right, motivated, great people to my team
  • How to get my people more effective and more productive at their jobs, and get some ready for promotion as the company grows
  • How to build a team based on trust & collaboration that embraces healthy conflict to create solutions, with 100% commitment, accountability & focus on improvement
  • How to get the business and my people to a stage where they can run it profitably, so I can take some time out each week and holiday more often
  • to take the business to the next level, improving my business and people skills to put the platform in place for growth
  • How to develop a straight forward succession plan so I can replace myself with the right people, at the right time and allow them to run it without me

Thrive Level - Workshop 5

Creating a High Performance Team - Team Building Workshop. What you think you know about leading others is based on outdated models and an inherited frame of reference. It does not matter what you business does you are in the people business, they are the only thing alive in your business so you better get to know how to influence them. Great leadership is about creating rhythm in the business and influencing stakeholders. We will look at motivation, purpose, performance, target setting, defining roles, rules and responsibilities, and all the 7 Fundamentals of a Winning Team

Don’t tell them what you do… Tell them what they get out of what you do

An Online Program and System with a Step by Step Implementation Guide to help you generate Leads while you sleep

Core Level Membership - Program 6 (Marketing)

Customer Attraction System - Marketing. You will have access to one of the most powerful support systems available on the market today with over 800 business development commercialisation strategies.
Your Customer Attraction, Approval & Retention Program & System (CAARS) puts you in the driving seat.

Your Implementation guide will support you through the marketing, sales and customer service programs & workshops building a sustainable system in your business to maximise profits.

Customer Attraction System = Predictable Cash flow

Customer Approval System = Predictable Revenue

Customer Retention System = Predictable Life-Time Profits

When it comes to it comes to Marketing most people believe the purpose is to tell people what you do in order to sell them your products or service; it’s not! Learn how to create a Customer Attraction System that will drive a marketing machine, (Digital & Traditional)  generating lead after lead, and cash flow stability.


13 Learning Modules

8 Learning Videos


7 Additional Downloads

Your Profit Multiplier System

Your Step by Step Implementation Guide & Strategies

Some of the Program outcomes you will gain:

  • How to identify target markets, create a value proposition, marketing messages and material
  • How to have turn-key, persuasive and inexpensive ways to generate more leads and prospects for my products or services
  • How to create a step-by-step marketing plan that significantly increases my new customers and profits without taking all energy away from daily activities
  • How to create customer focused advertising and online marketing strategies to draw willing customers to my business or organisation every week
  • How to turn your marketing cost into an investment; it’s not about selling your products of services, it’s about buying customers because marketing is simply math’s - if the math’s work it's good marketing if it doesn't its bad marketing.

  • How to leverage a social media strategy where you interact with new potential Customers allowing you to connect and build brand recognition
  • How to leverage a Website Strategy so your website must be oriented to your visitors and capture their contact information
  • How to leverage a holistic c. Digital Integration Strategy

Thrive Level - Workshop 6

Buying Customers – Marketing Workshop. What you think you know about Marketing is based upon telling people what you do... Its NOT. Through marketing you create the opportunity to educate your target market on how to succeed at their goals using your solutions. In this workshop you will learn how to create a Customer Attraction System including marketing copy, digital innovation and measurement that will drive a marketing machine generating lead after lead, and cash flow stability.

Its Not About Having The Right Opportunities; Its About Handling The Opportunities Right

An Online Program and System with a Step by Step Implementation Guide to Maximise Sales Conversion and Increase Your Average Value Sale

Core Level Membership - Program 7 (Sales)

Customer Approval System - Sales. In this program we will look at the psychology of how people buy and how to effectively be a great sales person. We will create a Customer Approval System (sales process) unique to your business maximising prospect conversions. A sales system designed to get your prospects to approve of your value proposition (sales conversion) at the earliest opportunity. You will understand behaviours and communication modalities, together with stress points and learning styles enabling you to adapt to customers buying profile. Developing technology, systems, process, and leadership skills can bring out the very best in you and your sales team. Provide your sales leaders with the best means to win more and more often.



10 Learning Modules

6 Learning Videos


4 Additional Downloads

Your Step by Step Implementation Guide & Strategies

Some of the Program outcomes you will gain:

  • How to build most effective sales appeal for my products and services that uniquely sets my business head and shoulders above my competition
  • How to create a sales process, define and implement conversion strategies.
  • How to boost the average sale value and creating a far better sales result from every customer we are already doing business with
  • How to effectively communicate, and positively influence people, to become a great leader or sales person
  • How to DISCover what makes people tick. Recognise and understand other people's behaviour, as well as your own, and be able to build rapport instantly
  • How to effectively overcome objections and supercharge your confidence

Thrive Level - Workshop 7

The Psychology of Buying – Sales Workshop. What you think you know about sales is defined by poor stereotyping. Sales is a medium for professional problem identification and solution provision. So if you want Sales training you can get it anywhere; we will look at the psychology of how people buy70% of the Sales process is Relationship Building and/or Problem Identification; Therefore 70% of your time with a prospect is not selling. You will learn how to effectively communicate, and positively influence people, to become a great leader or sales person. . You will walk away with a unique sales process for your business

Unleash The Power Of Your Customers as Your Best Salespeople

An Online Program and System with a Step by Step Implementation Guide to make your customers your best source of new business

Core Level Membership - Program 8 (Customer Service)

Customer Retention System - Customer Service. Marketing is a process that turns into a sale and never ends because customer service is simply marketing… Where your goal is to turn your best customers into your best marketers. Great Customer Service is all about creating a WOW factor and service led culture along with a Referral System.

Whilst the CAARS System is the primary support system for Marketing, Sales  and Customer Service, understand that systems maturity is key to business success and sustainability yet there is no specific program or workshop in Business Academy for systems. The fact is that systems are integrated into every program and workshop and a system that ensures consistency in your customers experience is key to promote brand awareness and recognition.  What if that person or group of people had such a fantastic experience that they came back many more times and not only that told all their friends and family about you, what would that do to your acquisition cost? 


12 Learning Modules

7 Learning Videos


5 Additional Downloads

Your Step by Step Implementation Guide & Strategies

Some of the Program outcomes you will gain:

  • How to create a WOW customer experience, consistently, with critical non essentials
  • How to manage your customer's expectations. You can't always give customers everything their hearts desire. Sometimes you need to bring their expectations into line with what you know you can deliver.
  • How to keep your customers returning with more and more money each time
  • How to create an onboarding process and get your customers up the ladder of loyalty and bring business to you
  • How to use quality service to differentiate your business from your competition. Make a real difference by providing personalised, responsive and "extra-mile service" that stands out in a unique way which customers will appreciate and remember.
  • How to keep in touch with them because great  service includes your follow up 

Thrive Level - Workshop 8

The WOW Factor – Customer Service Workshop. What you think you know about customer service is probably based on chasing customer satifaction. In any rating system satisfactory is usually the middle score; 3 out of 5. If you want your business to thrive you need to deliver 'Customer WOW!'; 5 out of 5. Great Customer Service is all about creating a WOW factor and service led culture along with the Customer Retention and Referral System that will turn your customers into your team into your most effective marketing strategy and your customers into a sales machine.

Get You And Your Business To A Point Of Time and Wealth Gains Where You Have CHOICE 

An Online Program and System with a Step by Step Implementation Guide to Personal Wealth Creation

Core Level Membership - Program 9 (Wealth Creation)

Business Wealth Creation Support System - The secret to Wealth Creation is to compound your investments, by definition therefore you firstly require equity in order to invest. The purpose of your business is to maximise the utilisation of all your assets in order to create an excess of profits to create business equity and optimise your personal tax position to turn it into personal equity for investment purposes. When it comes to investing you must understand the equity cycle; Turn your business equity efficiently into Personal equity. As you grow your personal equity so do you grow your quality of life. The second part of the Wealth Creation Support System allows members to plan their equity growth and supplemental income.


8 Learning Modules

3 Learning Videos

Your Step by Step Implementation Guide & Strategies 

Some of the Program outcomes you will gain:

  • How to multiple income streams from other 'cash flowing' assets that yield your FFF; If you don't know it or know what it is this program is a must
  • How to understand and us the risk-reward pyramid
  • How the equity cycle works and how to make it work better for you, and time from it for a life of choices
  • How can I best develop my current business and create Equity for investment capital into different asset classes for personal wealth creation
  • How to gain the freedom to have no financial reliance upon your primary source of income from your current business
  • How to define what type of exit strategy is right for me based on my business type

Thrive Level - Workshop 9

Personal Wealth Creation and The Entrepreneurial Mind-Set Workshop. What you think you know about wealth is probably about trying to get rich so you are always chasing money therefore something is missing in your life. The goal of wealthy minded people is to peruse freedom of choice, not riches... More financial assets is simply an outcome of everything you have applied in the previous programs. To compound that you need to increase your financial IQ and get your money working harder for you instead of you working hard to chase it. Learn in simple terms about the different types of asset classes, how to raise investment cash flow for your current business or to acquire future businesses or invest in property. How to create investment capital from profits, compound your returns, create wealth from multiple income streams. And so much more…

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