How To Become A Phenomenal Leader & Get The Best Out Of Yourself & Your Team

Discover How To Develop Your Self Leadership.

An Online Program,  System, Workbook & Step by Step Implementation Guide To You As A Better You.

Personal Success In Any Endeavour Is Determined by 12.5% Knowledge and 87.5% By Your Ability To Deal With People

Stanford Research Institute 

Yet most business owner / leaders focus on what needs to be done without putting equal focus on who they need to be...

And more importantly get frustrated when they do not get the engagement and contribution from their team they desire...

We know you have the knowledge and ability to run the technical element of your operation... This online program will help you to improve the other 87.5% people element, which of course, includes yourself.

“Quite simply FANTASTIC! The best course! The real differentiator was the quantity of achievable initiatives"

“This whole experience gave me the understanding of how to improve every aspect off my business"

Lloyds TSB Commercial Banking Customers

Your Leadership DNA Online System

Fast Forward Your Future - By using this Leadership Development Needs Analysis (DNA) System to Define and Develop your Personal Leadership... The Online Program is supported by a downloadable Step By Step Implementation Guide to help you define where you are now as a Leader, where you want to be and how you can bridge that gap.

This Online-System contains 13 modules full of easy to understand learnings, supporting videos, models, online assessments and your downloadable step by step implementation guide that you can use immediately... PLUS 5 FREE BONUS MODULES and other downloadable supporting documents, and lock-it-in workbook pages...

Your Leadership DNA Scorecard

The process is simple, complete your 'step by step implementation guide' Leadership DNA self assessment in each of the 13 assessment tabs by answering each question as it applies to your current leadership responsibilities...

Once complete review your score card and document improvement goals in your 'Personal Development Action Plan' tab... Then take action.

The 'Old Way' Is Completely Reliant Upon You Doing Mostly Everything

Discover A 'New Way', A Better Way...

Be The Change You Wish To See

Most people are thrust into positions of authority and to learn leadership go directly to training courses about how to 'Lead Others', and as their career progresses they will be expected to 'Lead Change'. The fortitude of character required to Lead Others and most significantly to Lead Change is dependent upon your ability to 'Lead Yourself'. It is here we start your journey by building a foundation based upon... Personal Leadership Development, or in other words, you must 'Be The Change You Wish To See'.

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Leadership DNA Online Program Modules

Discover exactly what you will gain...



Module 1 

Congratulations, you have just completed the most important step in developing your own self leadership... Investing In Yourself. The learnings within will massively contribute on your journey to becoming a phenomenal leader.

PLUS... YOU GAIN 5 FREE BONUS MODULES to help you prepare for the next in the series which is how to lead people and develop high performing teams.

PLUS... You will gain access to your downloadable step by step implementation guide, your comprehensive, self assessment Leadership DNA Score Card and associated Personal Development Plan

Module 2

Fundamentally Leadership is the ability to influence others to follow the path you are on. It is hugely challenging and hugely rewarding, and we begin with how to lead YOURSELF. 

You will learn...

The significant connection between Leadership & Emotions

The difference between Leadership & Management

To recognise & influence types of followers

The 3 stages of leadership

The leadership paradigm

Self directed Learning model

Module 3

Stepping outside of your comfort zone into the success zone brings opportunity. As a Leader you must get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order for growth to take place. 

You will learn...

What is holding you back

Increase your self-confidence. 

The formula for change

How to turn people energy into momentum

Neuro association: Human Motivation Factors :

How to bring your future into the present

Module 4

You do not see the world as it is, you see the world as you are. As a leader you give emotional permission to everyone else by the behaviours you demonstrate, which drives Culture and in turn high performance.

You will learn... 

What shapes behaviours

Your true self

The Three P's of life success

Your Layers of Individuality and how to leverage them

Your Belief Self-Reinforcing Cycle

Your conditioned scripts and how to change them. 

Module 5

No matter what your business does, you are in the people business. The ability to carry people with you and win hearts as well as minds will determine your leadership journey.

You will learn...

How to improve your leadership brand identity

How to initiate and sustain self-influencing behaviours of energetic future-oriented Self-leaders

How to move from multi-channel to omni-channel thinking

How to move from communicating to connecting

Discover the Power of YOU as part of the collective WE

Module 6

One of the great tragedies of modern day education is that we leave school with little or no knowledge as to how your mind actually works. 95% of your day, you are operating from subconscious programs, fantastic if they serving you well. If they are not, how do you change it?  

You will learn... 

How to reprogram your mind for success

Your need to be consistent with how you identify yourself

Your key radars & top workplace Amygdala hijacks

The 3 self's that live in your mind & how to control them


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Module 7

How you think, how you feel and how you act are inextricably linked and will have a direct impact on the decisions you make. All leaders require resilience, energy and the strength to keep going, which is determined by your self concept. 

You will learn... 

You are your own self concept & how to improve it

How your self leadership influences those around you

Introduce yourself to your ideal authentic self

The emotional self vs. the rational self

Your conscious mind vs. your subconscious mind

Your awareness guidance system

How to keep the Ego in check

The human reprogramming code

Module 8

Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a powerful, inherent part of your subconscious brain stem that connects to all major parts of the Limbic System and Neo-Cortex. Its purpose is to filter to your consciousness that which is significant for you, thus improving your ability to recognise and act upon opportunities to fulfil your goals. 

You will learn...

You can’t control the passage of time, but you can learn to control your present moment focus.

How to program your R.A.S.

Through the journey you will subconsciously reprogram far better habits, or patterns of thought, which we call beliefs

Develop your daily RICHuals

Use your daily motivator


Module 9

We have 60 to 70 thousand thoughts per day and 90% of those thoughts are the same as the day before so if you do not believe your thoughts have something to do with your destiny, your life is not going to change very much because the same thoughts lead to the same choices that lead to the same behaviours that lead to the same experiences that create the same emotions.

You will learn...

The act of becoming self aware

The surprising and counterintuitive facts about why goal setting is important

That it is emotionalising the WHY that is important

The reasons goal setting DOES NOT work for most people

7 Steps to becoming the leader you want to be

Still Undecisive If This Is Right For You?

Download for FREE the leadership behavioural archetypes model© that represents typical motivations, goals, standards and general attitudes of energetic future-oriented Self-leaders

We are so confident that you will want to learn more about how to implement strategies behind all the models and the methods in Your Leadership DNA Online Program that we are sharing a text based download of Module 5 - Leadership Behavioural Competencies & Characteristics, with our compliments.

After submission you will receive an email with a link to download the Model and educational text. Please note this will not include any supporting videos, assessments, workbooks or documents that may be available within the module itself... We respect your privacy and will never share your information with any third party. We will add you to our educational email list from which you can unsubscribe at anytime.

Module 10

What is it that keeps us going through the tough times ? What is it that keeps pushing us forward to achieve our goals and ambitions ? 

You will learn...

Our Brain rewards us with chemicals, learn what those chemical are, how they work and how to leverage for your own benefit.

The link between Activation, (Motive to act) Persistence and Intensity

The importance of norepinephrine 

Your subconscious is always looking at path, duration and outcome, and why this matters

The role Dopamine plays in keeping us going

The important reasons why you must chunk large goals down. 

How to motivate yourself to be motivated.

Module 11

 All of us are capable of greatness, of incredible achievement, it is simply that some people learn how to unlock it, and unfortunately some don't. 

"During a recent HBR study, 200,000 employees were interviewed to discover the missing ingredient in their productivity. Discover what the study revealed and its connection to this module

You will learn...

Cognitive, Emotional, Conscious awareness is key raising your self-concept, which is inherently connected to confidence.

The importance of gratitude, emotionalization, meditation and affirmations

The significance of Heart-Brain coherence

How to activate a positive feeling

How learning to be self aware is linked to self-confidence


Module 12

This is not a rare phenomenon and can afflict new and inexperienced leaders. Incredibly studies show that 25-30% of High Achievers suffer or have suffered from Imposter Syndrome

You will learn...

A personal story from a global Leader who has succeeded as SVP/COO roles in Fortune 500 companies around the world

You are not alone or unique

What people who struggle with imposter syndrome believe

Those with imposter syndrome are often very well accomplished

You are most probably already a high achiever if you suffer from this.

7 practical ways to release yourself 



Module 13

 Your success as a leader, will in part be down to your ability to delegate. Delegating can not only free up some of your time to focus in most important tasks. It is also a really helpful tool in developing your people, creating opportunities for learning and growth that will result in benefits to everyone in the business. 

You will learn...

The Empowerment Continuum

The Significant Difference Between Delegation & Empowerment

Behavioural states of those who consciously or unconsciously disempower

The cost of not delegating

Key steps to delegating and the process of delegating to a staff member

Keeping control of outcomes - after you have delegated


Module 14

Assertiveness has many facets. It is a process, a skill, and a way of behaving. In communicating, it is more easily defined by its absence and its alternative ways of behaving. It is a key quality to establish and enhance all productive relationships and the ability to embrace collaboration, equality, and respect for diversity.

You will learn...

Your predominate Situational Leadership style, and approach to events

How assertiveness, self-esteem and confidence are inextricably linked

Assertiveness is the path to win-win solutions.

The 6 types of Assertiveness

How you can be assertive in your style of communicating

The cognitive paradox and the four perspectives to situations and events


Module 15

Our learning doesn't end when we finish school or University, in fact, some would argue it only begins. All great leaders have that curious mindset and must be committed to lifelong learning about themselves and their profession. It's a reinforcing cycle that never ends. 

You will learn...

The 4 stages of continual learning

The journey from Unconscious Incompetence,  to Unconscious Competence.

How the brain changes at Stage 2

The formula for Human Potential

Where learning actually comes from

A reading list we highly recommend as you continue your quest for lifelong learning.



Module 16

Personal Leadership also means planning and preparing for your future NOW... Every business leader requires to plan for a business exit strategy, which must be part of your overall Business Development Strategy.... Everyone will require an exit strategy, which we call Retirement.

You will learn...

The secret to Personal Wealth Creation

The Equity Cycle

The price you WILL need to pay

The Financial Continuum

The most important number you need to know... Your FFF

Module 17

Inside Your Leadership DNA Implementation Guide there are 15 Self Assessment Tabs that will let you assess your Leadership and produce a Leadership DNA Scorecard including a Personal Development Plan. The assessment include:

How Good is Your Personal Leadership?

How Motivated are You to Lead?

How Are Your Leadership Behavioural Traits?

How Good is Your Time Management?

How Well You Communicate?

How is Your Decision Making?

How is Your Emotional Intelligence?


Module 18

In order to have more, you must first become more. Congratulations, you have become more, and began the process of working harder on yourself than you do on anything else, a huge step in creating a better you as a leader and as a person.

True learning comes from applying what you have learned and the modules and supporting material within this program allows you to experience changes as part of your leadership journey so that you truly learn from those experiences.

Follow the TOP 10 Step summary and learn the next steps on your journey and how you can engage your team in the process.

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The Leadership Continuum

The quality of your leadership journey and your true potential will be dependant on many factors including your foundations of self-awareness, social-awareness, self-management and relationship management.

Getting yourself out of your own way so that you can enhance your current leadership attributes and improve your cognitive and emotional skills to influence others, and an internal belief systems to overcome any obstacle.

The fundamental underlying truths about leadership:

1. You cannot lead others until you can lead yourself. To become a leader the goal is to grow the greatness within you. You will know you are a leader when you stop trying to grow greatness in others. Instead you will have realised that greatness already exists in others, your goal as a leader is simply to elicit it.

2. There are 3 stages of Leadership: Leading Yourself; Leading Others; Leading Change. Each requiring a deeper degree of skills, emotional intelligence, beliefs, values, passion, responsibility, resilience and strength of character. In this online program we will focus on the first of these elements; leading yourself.

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In order to have more, you must first become more, and to become more, you must begin the process of working harder on yourself than you do on anything else...

You must understand that Personal Leadership ‘is’:

To realise that behaviours follow Identity...

Therefore who do you identify as, and how can you improve that identity to become the leader you want to be?

You must understand that Personal Leadership ‘is’: 

To become aware of those thoughts and emotions that do not serve you...

Therefore how can you start to become a conscious observer of them and learn how to constructively respond rather than destructively react to habitual triggers?

You must understand that Personal Leadership ‘is’:

To realise that you need to stop managing your time and start managing your energy...

Therefore what personal systems and decision funnels are you applying to get the best out of yourself in the time available to you?

You must understand that Personal Leadership ‘is’:

Relentless persistence to bring energy to every situation even when its easier to let things slip...

Therefore what are you doing to build the fortitude of character to consistently develop intrinsic discipline?

You must understand that Personal Leadership ‘is’:

To have the courage and trust in yourself to lead change...

Therefore what are you doing to build self confidence and an inner self concept that will get everyone pulling in the same direction, generate high performance, and consistently steer improvement against people resistance?

You must understand that Personal Leadership ‘is’:

The realisation that your only true job in life is to become the best YOU that YOU can be in the service of those you lead...

Therefore how are you developing your personal leadership to be able to drive collective emotions in a positive direction toward a common vision?

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“When we started the program our business was uncontrolled, unmonitored, unpredictable and unrealistic. We had no clear direction, cash flow was difficult and sales were very low. The business was heading in the wrong direction. The team itself was not performing and affecting the business was under strain. Thanks to the systems we now have a business! As well as a much better sense of direction and importantly we are now working very well as a team. We were losing money each month and within a few months were making the same as we were losing. We have since increased revenue by over 130% and have the business systems in place to allow us to compete in a much higher value market. We believe we are on course to see even greater returns and there are some very exciting projects in the pipeline that will see us having to quadruple the workforce and transform the business.

More importantly I have gained time back to spend with my son”

Jimmy Burwood - MD Burnhouse Engineering

“It is only when you accept that you are the sum total of all of your past conditioning, thoughts, feelings, actions and resultant experiences; can you begin the process of releasing any immobilising anchors that limit your future experience.”

Derek Mair

Let's Recap On Just Some Of The Learnings You Will Get From This Program...

Learn How To Close The Gap Between Current & Future Self's
Learn The Top 10 Steps to Personal Success
Learn The Significant Difference Between Leadership & Management
Learn How Your Mindset Works & How To Upgrade It
Learn How to Program Your Mind For Success
Learn How To Dispel Limiting Beliefs & Generate Confidence 
Learn How To Plan Your Business Exit Strategy
Learn How To Grow Your Personal Leadership Brand
Complete Your Leadership Develop Needs Analysis


Learn The Four Stages of Conscious Growth 
Learn The Link Between Assertiveness and Self Esteem
Learn The Gentle Art Of Delegation

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