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How Much Could You Grow Yourself & Your Business?

Unlock the true potential in your leadership and your business

How Much More Profit Could You Be Making?

Unlock living life through your business & creating personal wealth

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Unlock more freedom away from the business, knowing its still growing 

How Much Better Could Your Projects Perform?

Unlock what's important to maximise effort & financial returns

Since 2012 Business Academy has provided all the tools, strategies & SUPPORT you need to take your business to the next level & create a future full of CHOICE for yourself & your family...

The truth is... regardless of "the economy", or even the stiffest, biggest, most cut throat competition... virtually any business can not only survive but actually thrive, if they understand and implement our proven business development and personal growth strategies.

Business size, type or longevity is not important, what is important is your commitment to FAST FORWARD YOUR FUTURE just like these members...

David Skilling

"It's really difficult to explain it in words but by the time I graduated I was personally debt free for the first time, and the business was in great profit with more vans on the road... It's a rollercoaster ride but well worth it."


Michael Caldow

"With your help and coaching, and putting into place most of what we had learned we are delighted to let you know that within less than 3 months, we have increased our revenue by over 100% - and we have only just “scratched the surface” with our marketing plan."

John Thomson

"Having ran multi-million pound businesses I never thought I had much to learn about business. I was wrong. I just cannot believe the profitability increase & involvement of the entire team in growing the business."

Maximise Your Personal Potential; Accelerate Your Business Results

If you're the owner of a construction business frustrated with its performance, or are ready to take it to the next level but don't yet know how to make that step change... then this is the breakthrough you have been searching for.

Learn How To 'Construct' The Business You Dreamed Of

Our potentially fully-funded construction industry blended learning experience is the most dynamic business development workshop led programme for owners of construction SME / Sole trader and Property Development companies... Only if you are serious about growing yourself, your leadership, your team, your profits, your network, your business & your personal wealth.

If you find yourself asking some of these questions, then Multi-Trade Business Academy is right for you...

Is what I am doing right now going to get me to where I want to go?

What's the margin I want to make on my projects and how can I achieve it?

Is my estimating good enough, and am I making costly mistakes?

How can I review the projects live to make sure we're not losing money?

Is there a system to recruit the right  people at the right time, every time?

Do I understand how to articulate what makes us different? 

Am I winning a good percentage of the jobs I'm quoting for? 

Do I communicate as best I could & are my people clear on what I expect? 

How do I get my staff and subcontractors to work better together? 

How can I manage sites better so people take responsibility & make my life easier? 

Could my projects run better if I used technology, and which are the best ones?

How do I improve overall performance and stop the few trying to dictate things? 

All The Tools You Need To Unlock Your Success...

 When you become a member of Multi-Trade Business Academy you will gain access to a 12 month blended learning breakthrough programme of 6 live workshops delivered via Zoom covering all 12 areas of business growth development. We will focus on the THE BIG 6  'real world' working elements of a construction business that will allow yours to thrive, supported by comprehensive online programmes with step by step implementation guides. You will have access to direct coaching support and group interaction along with separate key note industry experts delivering massive value between workshops… Plus you will have you personal library of videos, learning, strategies and your goals programme.

In relation to the Big 6 attending one of our Free Constructing A Better Business - Discovery Seminar will help you find answers to the following questions:

1. Do we do this already and if we do, how do we do it?
2. Do we need to do this better and if so, what do we need to change?
3. We don’t do this but what do we need to do to start doing it?

Discovery Seminar

Multi-Trade Business Academy

£397 / month

Potential Full Funding Available

  • Your business and leadership growth development programme
  • Life time access to your personal online library and business re-education portal
  • Active support community interactive live feed / online coach & social media group support
  • 9 online live workshops throughout the year
  • Access to 9 online workshop support programs covering all 12 growth areas of business, each one with a business improvement system
  • Step by step implementation guides with over 800 strategies
  • 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions to help you Plan / Do / Review / Achieve
  • Free monthly deep dives into construction specific topics by leading guest experts
  • Proven Construction Industry Specific Management Systems ready to implement and gain immediate value
  • Monthly live group coaching support sessions with special guests
  • Live Q&A / accountability webinars
  • Goals & personal development planning online system
  • Self-directed learning system
  • Over 20hrs of video learning
  • 5 eBooks that will shift your thinking and your doing
  • Simple assessments that will uncover your current reality and help you benchmark improvements
  • Gamifications to involve your team
Do I Qualify For Funding?

*Note 1: Funding is dependent upon upon CITB or local channel approvals. Our team is geared to assist the application process. 

Note 2: its NOT for everyone. It’s NOT for you if you’re seeking overnight success and riches with no work. Many courses promise you that, but none of them deliver, because it's not possible. It’s NOT for you if you’re ambiguous about business success. Here's what we mean by 'ambiguous'. The reason that 90% of businesses struggle is that their owners dabble in the subject of business success. They think they want to be successful but they don’t have that determined focus required to take things to the next level. This programme is about 'Success.' Dabblers should not apply.

Note 3: Access to the online programmes and community support 'after' your 12 month funded program will require an ongoing membership subscription of only £59.99 / month.

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