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Leadership DNA (Development Needs Analysis) System

How To Develop Your Personal Leadership. An Online Program,  System, Workbook & Step by Step Implementation Guide To You As A Better You.

"In order to have more, you must first become more, and to become more, you must begin the process of working harder on yourself than you do on anything else...”

Fast Forward Your Future - By using this Leadership DNA System to develop your self leadership.

This Online Program contains 13 Modules full of easy to understand learnings, supporting videos and online assessments, a Step By Step Implementation Guide, and other downloadable supporting documents.

PLUS 5 Bonus Modules to expand your learnings

This is NOT just another Online Course - It is a Complete, Proven & Proprietary System that is only available to you here, which you get to keep and reference the strategies within... FOREVER


The 'Old Way' Is Completely Reliant Upon You Doing Mostly Everything

Discover A 'New Way', A Better Way...
Be The Change You Wish To See


During this Online Programme you will discover:

  • The quality of your leadership journey and your true potential as a leader will be primarily dependent on your foundations of self-awareness, social-awareness, self-management and relationship management. Getting yourself out of your own way can build your cognitive and emotional skills to influence others, and internal belief systems to overcome any obstacle.

  • You cannot lead others until you can lead yourself. To become a leader the goal is to grow the greatness within you. You will know you are a leader when you stop trying to grow greatness in others. Instead you will have realised that greatness already exists in them, your goal as a leader is simply to elicit it.
  • There are 3 stages of Leadership: Leading Yourself; Leading Others; Leading Change. Each requiring a deeper degree of skills, emotional intelligence, beliefs, values and character. In this online programme we will focus on the first of these elements; leading yourself. 

Your Online Programme Modules: 

  • Module 1 -Introduction To Your Leadership DNA System


  • Module 2- What Is Leadership
  • Module 3 - Is Your Comfort Zone Holding You Back
  • Module 4 - Behaviours and Identity
  • Module 5 - Leadership Behavioural Competencies & Characteristics
  • Module 6 - How You Work
  • Module 7 - Developing Your Self Concept
  • Module 8 - Your Reticular Activating System
  • Module 9 - Setting Goals The Right Way
  • Module 10 - The Neuroscience of How to Motivate Yourself to be Motivated
  • Module 11 - Affirm Your Greatness

Your Bonus Material - Supporting Learning Resources

  • Module 12 - Overcoming Leadership Imposter Syndrome
  • Module 13 - The Gentle Art Of Delegation
  • Module 14 - Assertiveness And Its Adversaries
  • Module 15 - The Four Stages Of Continual Learning
  • Module 16 - Your Business Exit Strategy

Bringing It All Together

  • Module 17 - DOWNLOAD Your Leadership DNA Implementation Guide

You will gain access to your Leadership DNA Implementation System. It is a comprehensive step by step guide allowing you to benchmark your current reality, giving insights and score interpretations. A self-assessment Leadership Scorecard provides a platform for you to create a Personal Development Plan within the system where improvements are recorded and can be remeasured time and time again against each self-assessment benchmark you undertake.

Leadership DNA Scorecard...

  • Module 18 - Congratulations & Next Steps


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Note: The learnings, implementation guides & workbooks within each online programme constitutes a stand alone course for all business owners to massively benefit from.

What People Are Saying:

When I first joined Business Academy I was an IT Engineer who ran an IT company but after completing the course I feel I am now a business owner who runs an IT Company instead. This change in mentally is primarily down to the guidance over the last 12 months. It gets you thinking outside the box and explains complex terms in language I can actually understand which means when I try to implement some of the strategies suggested I actually know what I am trying to achieve. Our turnover has increased by 50% over the last 12 months and I would recommend this program to anyone.

Chris Wakefield