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LifeTime Leverage System

How To Leverage Your Time To Create Better Life Choice. A Mini Course, Online Workbook and Implementation Guide to STOP you being a slave to time.

"What You Think You Know About Time Management is Completely Outdated...”


Fast Forward Your Future - By using this LifeTime Leverage System to Define Your Personal Define and Development your Relationship with Time...

                                It's Time To Rev It Up

If the concept of 'Time Management' is all about allowing you to do things faster or do more things.... Why is it that when you try to employ this concept the more time bound you become?

Ask yourself these two fundamental questions:

1. Has the time I have 'spent' getting me to where I am today, truly paying me the returns I desire?

2. By 'spending' more time in the same way that got me to where I am today, truly going to get me to where I want to be tomorrow?

"Time Management is about 'Spending Time' to create future workload;
Time Intent is about 'Investing Time' to create future choices." Derek Mair

Time Intent© is a simple proven process that will gain you back time to have the choice of where to invest your time and in what.

This Mini-Course contains 14 workbook pages full of easy to understand learnings, supporting videos and online assessment, a Step By Step Implementation Guide, and other downloadable supporting documents.

During this Mini Course you will learn:

1. How to stop trying to manage your time and Start managing your Energy

2. What is my relationship with time, how does it affect me, and how can I build a better relationship?

3. What do I do in those moments where I know what I should be doing but I just don't want to do them?

4. What can I consistently do, and what am I doing but not consistently, to improve my situation?

5. What are the top 10 decision making tools and strategies I can apply immediately to help me schedule my time and better prioritise?

6. What is the difference between 'time management' and 'time intent' and how can I invest time rather than spend it?

7. What is our proven 'LifeTime Leverage System' and how can I apply it simply and effectively today?

8. How can I gain time back from my normal working day to start working ON my business to grow it, and gain time back from my business to enjoy life?

9. How does my time management directly affect to my leadership and management skills, and how can I massively increase these skills through time strategies?

10. What is the one simple strategy that if do it consistently for 30 days will change my current reality and gain me the choice of how to invest my future time?

You will gain access to your LifeTime Leverage System. It is a comprehensive step by step guide to help you understand:

1. Your relationship with time

2. Put personal systems in place so you can manage yourself, your team and your business far more effectively and efficiently.

3 Allow you to identify strategies from the the top 10 decision making strategies.

4. Tools to help you identify your time vampires and how you can plan to eradicate then and gain time back back future choice

5. Methods to help you measure yourself and validate your relationship with time is improving.

This system is developed primarily in support of Business Academy Workshop: 'Time For Success'.

However, the learnings, implementation guides & workbooks within constitute a stand alone online course for all business leaders / owners to massively benefit from.

What People Are Saying:

When we started the program our business was uncontrolled, unmonitored, unpredictable and unrealistic. We had no clear direction, cash flow was difficult and sales were very low. The business was heading in the wrong direction. The team itself was not performing and affecting the business was under strain. Thanks to the systems we now have a business! As well as a much better sense of direction and importantly we are now working very well as a team. We were losing money each month and within a few months were making the same as we were losing. We have since increased revenue by over 130% and have the business systems in place to allow us to compete in a much higher value market. We believe we are on course to see even greater returns and there are some very exciting projects in the pipeline that will see us having to quadruple the workforce and transform the business. Most importantly I got my evenings and weekends back to spend with my son, my true personal motivation to start this program.

Jimmy Burwood