How to Hire AAA Rated People


How to Hire AAA Rated People - Derek Mair

Businesses do not work; people work, therefore if you want your business to work well there is nothing more important than hiring and developing the right people in the right positions.

 For SME businesses that do not have a Human Resource department recruitment can be a daunting task… For those larger companies that do, they can sometimes tend to forget to fit the persons capabilities to the function(s) required by the business, and instead fit the job title to the person. 

Regardless of business size I consistently hear recruiters say, “we need to find the right candidates” What if it’s not about ‘finding’ the right candidates, what if it’s about 'attracting’ them?

Never therefore think of recruitment as a one sided process, e,g, “it’s our job to hire the right person”, Think of it as a collaborative process between you and the right candidates, think of it as ‘simply marketing’ and your greatest opportunity to innovate why you’re different to attract the best, and why the rest shouldn’t even bother applying.

"Recruitment is not a process where you select the best candidates, it is a process of allowing candidates to deselect themselves, until you are left with the best." 

Derek Mair

At every step the goal is to have candidates deselect 'themselves', Saving You Stress Time Energy Money (SYSTEM)…

To hire the right people; AAA rated people, you need a AAA rated system allowing you to Attract the best candidates through your creative marketing, so that collaboratively it becomes a case of mutual Approval, and building Anticipation to realise the very best of them:

1. Attraction – (Marketing) One-way deselection process: 

Don't simply tell them what the job title is; tell them how this opportunity will overcome the frustration that got them looking in the first place, and get them excited about their career again. Most importantly articulate who and why you should not apply.

Human nature craves meaning, therefore when you connect a reason 'WHY you are doing what you do with personal and moral values you create unstoppable ENERGY. This must be at the basis of your candidate attractions system, don't tell them what you do tell them why you do it and you will attract AAA rated people who want to be part of it 

2. Approval – (Preparation and Interview) Two-way deselection process: 

Your approval of them…Don’t tell them all about the job, what you expect of them and how they will fit it, and then as most untrained interviewers do, ask if they can do that or live up to that… They are going to say Yes! Prepare what you expect of them and the challenges they will face, and ask open questions that elicit answers… You will immediately begin to recognise as they deselect themselves.

Their approval of you… Don't simply tell them what the company does - tell them 'why' you do what you do, and review if they are deselecting themselves… Ask pertinent questions from which you and they can determine if they can live up to the company values, and review if you can get them excited about your company, its purpose, and its future.

Cultural alignment. It is easier to teach people skills than it is to change peoples values. Hire on values and cultural alignment and not on skills alone:

Core Values are the principles or moral standards of a group or organisation and individually the basic beliefs and convictions that govern a person’s decisions and behaviours. Define your company values with your team in order to create your most effective candidate advertising and interview criteria?

Core Purpose reflects people's idealistic motivations for doing the company's work. It doesn't just describe the organisation's output or target customers; it captures the soul of the organisation and drives its energy engine.  Performance is a by-product of purpose, always... And key to the attraction and approval process. 

Articulating your vision. Having a compelling company vision is your best time management, decision making and prioritisation tool. It is also your most compelling hiring filter, an inspiring audacious goal for your company to attract and approve AAA People

To understand how to develop your culture invest into Business Academy Organisational Cultural Development (OCD) Online Program and System

 3. Anticipation – (Interview and Probationary Period)

Don't simply tell them what they will be doing when working for you; tell them what they will get out of working for you and gauge if they get excited about their own future.

Enhance Your Hiring & Interview System: Make sure that you're making an appropriate match and generating professional deep probing questions for interview based on that unique individual’s behavioural profile and the behavioural characteristics required for the role, including core values motivations spectrum and possible training requirement.

In professional recruitment and assessment, you need to gain the most powerful insights into the driving forces behind a personality.

 Personal qualities like drive, motivation and social skills are critical success factors. NOVODISC is a powerful behavioural tool that builds a profile of working behaviour that helps you choose the right people and be sure they function at their best.

A NOVODISC profile can give you that insight, drawing on an industry-standard psychometric technique to create the most advanced individual reporting available anywhere. Based on a simple and straightforward personality questionnaire, we can compile a detailed and informative report that tells you everything you need to know about a person, from their inner motivations to their working style.

Find out more: NOVODISC Behavioural Profiler

 N.B. The hiring / interview process does not finish until their probationary period ends…

Remember, you can’t motivate someone as motivation is an intrinsic characteristic. However, you can hire self-motivated people and inspire them by challenging, influencing, engaging and incentivising them, in the full understanding of what they should expect from you, what you expect of them and how that is continually being measured.

Here are some of my other key principles to consider when recruiting:

 Switching jobs is a highly emotional decision, in fact every decision we make is emotionally driven, and then approved rationally in our minds. This knowledge, when used wisely and ethically, forms the basis of your recruitment marketing process.

 At every stage place yourself in your candidate’s shoes and make a connection; it's not about communicating, it's about connecting, which will allow you to always hire primarily on values… Never hire on skills alone at the expense of values.

 Don't follow the crowd, let your creative juices flow to help you stand out in your advertising and in your follow up. The goal is to woo the right candidate that will add value and help drive the company toward its vision.

Plan who your 'target applicants' are using BUSINESS ACADEMY Recruitment Planner or an alternative that considers, what the right media is for maximum visibility and implement multiple levels of screening so as not to waste time trolling through CV’s or interviewing under-qualified candidates.

Make sure you are hiring people that are smarter then you, and by so doing you will prove that you are smarter than they.

Assess your short list of applicants using the BUSINESS ACADEMY Question Comparison Process or an alternative and never be afraid to get them to demonstrate competence through a presentation or practical test.

 Make sure that you're making an appropriate match by using NOVODISC Behavioral Profiler that will help you generate key questions for interview based on that unique individual’s behavioral profile and the behavioral characteristics required for the role.

Interview your short list using BUSINESS ACADEMY Question Ranking System, or an alternative and ensure each applicant demonstrates (performs / presents) the essentials of the position in real time and you're less likely to be surprised on their first day.

Reminder... Never fall into the trap of matching the position to the person; match the person to the present and future values and needs of the business in consideration of the position…


“We once hired a graduate student to focus on our social media. I briefly presented to over 60 students in class across two Universities who were about to graduate. I deliberately did not provide my full contact details, informing them that the only way they would be eligible for an interview was if they made contact with me through social media, posting a video of themselves answering three questions I provided to them that day. Quite a few joined or followed me on social media with CV’s and notes, but only three students contacted me with Videos, two of whom deselected themselves through their own video content answers and the other got the job after interview… THINK DESELECTION SYSTEM.”

Learning and applying are two completely different things.  To learn how to apply and access your full AAA Recruitment System invest in to Business Academy Module:

‘How to Create High Performance Teams’ An Online Program and System Including Workbooks, Videos, Assessments, Learnings,  and downloadable Step by Step Implementation Guide that will shift your team from the ego Me to the collective We, from compliance to committed contribution.

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BONUS - Example BDM Job Advert 

Are you the Business Development Manager with Marketing experience that aspires to rise above the rest and take your career to new limits?

We are looking for an experienced, enthusiastic and high performing Business Development Manager to join our established growth business, offering a salary and competitive commission package to contribute to the continued development of our company.

XXX continues its quest to be recognised as XXX and to concentrate our vision and values into developing ourselves and our company as one of the XXX in various markets.

6 Reasons why you should come and join XXX and get the appreciation and career growth potential you deserve:

  • We nurture individual & team success in a friendly though very dynamic working environment
  • We appreciate a healthy work/life balance & performance based remuneration potential
  • We offer the opportunity for personal growth, learning new skills and expansion of the role
  • You will be part of a fast growing fit-out and refurbishment contractor with proven systems
  • You will experience a variety of roles working with senior management, internal & remote teams
  • You will be directly involved in business development and the expansion of our client base

As a team our core purpose is XXX

If you believe you have the relevant experience and if you can answer YES to the following statements, we would love to talk with you:

  1. I am an ambitious person who always work hard to complete tasks to the best of my ability.
  2. I am a person of integrity, delivering what I promise & take ownership for responsibilities, holding myself accountable
  3. I believe that we must always strive for innovation and excellence to exceed the quality of service we provide to clients when compared to that offered by competitors
  4. I always act in a respectful, professional manner toward clients, colleagues and the general public leaving an impression that would compel them to consider me trustworthy
  5. I like to be empowered and have the competency to make decisions that are for the betterment of the company and our clients, guided by my company’s values

This role, reporting to the Managing Director involves, though is not limited to, some of the following responsibilities: Growing relationships throughout the UK and European marketplace, managing integrated marketing activities with an external provider and account managing exiting clients. You will be working to develop XXX and work closely with XXX

If you believe this is the opportunity you have been looking for to further your career, then please call 10234 5678 with answers to the 3 questions below, leaving your full contact details on the voicemail.

  1. Why do you believe you will be successful in this role with XXX?
  2. What experience have you had that will add value to the company in this role?
  3. Why are you the right person to be hired for this position?


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